The Vanishing Tribunal

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Game The Vanishing Tribunal - Ars Magica.
Storyguide Christopher Barrett
Length 4
Players 6
Suitability Any
Prerequisities None
Pre-rolled characters available? Yes, but if you wish to use your own, no more than 2 years post apprenticeship, Stonehenge Tribunal


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The year is 1664. The place is the Stonehenge tribunal. The covenant of Castor Mortis. Or at least.... it should be. You awaken one morning, wrapped in your winter cloak, around the remains of a fire. In the clearing where your covenant should be. Many of the magi are missing. So are most of the covenfolk, with only a few still around. The local aura feels subdued somehow, as if it has been weakened. You must discover what has happened to your covenant, perhaps even to the entire tribunal. But more than that, you must survive.


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