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This game kindly run by Andrew Sceats.

The Who's Who for the Second Tribunal

All of the living Founders are attending the Tribunal. There are also two guests (Dwaemir and Limarron) who will be observing the Tribunal with the permission of the Praeco and the Quaesitor. The list is in alphabetical order and, in the case of the Founders, includes the number of followers they are believed to have.

  • Bjornaer (one apprentice)

Bjornaer is one of the two Founders who do not come from the Roman tradition. She belongs to an ancient line of shapechangers and has a vast understanding of animals and the bestial side of Man. Living wild in the Black Forest, she was taught Latin by Merinita and was given the personal protection of Bonisagus to enable her to meet with Roman magi.

  • Bonisagus (one apprentice, one follower - not counting Trianoma)

Bonisagus is the magical genius whose Universal Theory of Magic and parma magica made the Order possible. His home, Durenmar is the place where the Order was formed. Each of the Founders has been given a sanctum within Durenmar. Seeming to be without greed or personal ambition, Bonisagus is trusted by everyone.

  • Criamon (one follower)

Strange, mysterious and secretive, Criamon was the only one of the Founders to seek out Trianoma, rather than be sought out himself. He is a master of magic in its pure form, and was instrumental in helping Bonisagus refine the Form of Vim. Criamon is a visionary, seeking - or worshipping - something that he calls the Enigma. Many have consulted him over the interpretation of dreams and riddles: some have understood the answers. It was Criamon who was the most insistent upon the clause in the Code that prohibits Magi from spying upon one another. Not always approachable, he is considered to be weird, creepy, not susceptible to normal inducements, and just too damned good at magic to do anything about.

  • Diedne (one apprentice, thirteen followers)

Diedne is one of the two Founders who do not come from the Roman tradition of magic. She comes from a line of nature worshippers who are descended from the Druids. Her people, the Fianoie Daodhe, are strongest in Britain, but also have a presence in France and Germany. Her ability to cast small, quick spells, and to combine the four elements in her magic made her one of the most formidable fighters among the Founders. Whereas the other Founders could only cast spells that they had already learned, Diedne could invent spells on the spur of the moment. This ability was assimilated into the Universal Theory as Spontaneous magic. All Magi can now use this technique, but Diedne retains an expertise that no-one else can match.

  • Dwaemir

The eldest of the former apprentices of Guorna the Foetid, Dwaemir has the love for combat that is characteristic of all Guorna’s filii. He is renowned for his ceaseless battles against the Fey, as well as for his sense of humour. Older than any of the Founders, he is regarded as someone that it would be dangerous to challenge - even though he does not have the benefit of a parma magica. Dwaemir was invited to help form the Order, but declined; although he has remained friendly with Trianoma. He has been invited to this Tribunal in the hope that, when he sees how it works, he will agree to join the Order.

  • Flambeau (one apprentice, one follower)

The warlike activities of the fire-wielding Spanish wizard, Flambeau, were often cited as reasons why the Order was necessary. It is generally accepted that Flambeau’s mastery of fire is unrivalled, even by great wizards of the past. No-one knows exactly how many wizards he has killed, but there are few left who would be willing to face him in battle. Flambeau is the most devoutly Christian of the Founders.

  • Guernicus (one apprentice, two followers)

Haughty, cynical, and often sarcastic, Guernicus is not the best loved of the Founders. No-one, however, doubts his skill as a wizard of earth magic, nor his knowledge of the history of the Roman tradition. He can trace his magical lineage back to Plentarch himself, and his parens, Thiro, had one of the finest collections of ancient magical texts in Europe (matched only by Guorna and, possibly, Jerbiton). On Thiro’s death, Guernicus inherited his former master’s library. Since accepting the post of Quaesitor, Guernicus has begun to train in the Art of Mentem. He has been accused of looking for trouble, rather than trying to resolve disputes. Guernicus, however, always has an answer for his critics, and is not afraid to say that he knows best.

  • Jerbiton (three followers)

Jerbiton is a master of mind magic. He is unusual among magi in that he has kept in contact with his vulgar family. He is also interested in the mundane world, in art and politics, and is believed to exercise influence over the kings of France. He is also unusual in being the only Founder to be proficient with a mundane weapon - the sword. It was Jerbiton who convinced Bonisagus to call his categories of magic ‘Arts’. While he does not have the ‘fighting magic’ of Flambeau, Tytalus, Diedne et al., he is capable of raising a mundane army.

  • Limarron

Limarron was invited to help form the Order many years ago, but, according to Mercere, made unreasonable demands that she would not even negotiate. For reasons that have not been made clear, she has softened her view. She is now considering joining the Order as it stands, and has come to the Tribunal to observe how it functions. Limarron is a mind wizard, but is not thought to equal Jerbiton.

  • Mercere (two followers)

Filius of Decius the Wanderer, Mercere is a gifted master of transformation magic. He was the first person to whom Trianoma and Bonisagus spoke about their ideas for a society of wizards. Trusted by everyone, he is enthusiastic, even-tempered, practical, and well-liked. He has been working on a spell that he intends to make available to the entire Order. It is intended to make travelling easier by enabling the caster to transform the way ahead into a level road.

  • Merinita (one apprentice, one follower)

Mysterious, much spoken of, but little known, Merinita was an almost legendary figure before Trianoma found her (it took Trianoma and Mercere more than a year of searching to locate her). She lived in the wilds, rarely coming into contact with magi or Mundanes. Some said that she could enchant an entire forest, others considered her existence to be nothing more than a rumour. She is a nature magus (but on a much larger scale than Diedne) who specialises in the magic of growth and healing. She joined the Order for reasons that she has not seen fit to explain to anyone.

  • Tremere (one apprentice)

The youngest of all the Founders, Tremere was the last to be invited to join the Order. Being so young - he had scarcely finished his apprenticeship when Trianoma approached him - he would not have been considered but for his parens. He had trained under Guorna the Foetid, which gave him the prestige to be included in the negotiations that resulted in the Order. He is ambitious, but has a lot of ground to make up. His opinions are often ignored at meetings because of his inexperience and relative lack of power.

  • Trianoma (one follower)

Trianoma is the visionary, whose ideas found reality in the Order of Hermes. She is a tireless worker and a relentless organiser. No conflict seems beyond her power to resolve, no clash of interests beyond her ability to find compromise. She is that rare thing, a diplomat without subterfuge. She is a gifted mistress of body magic, an expert on longevity potions, and an authority on the history of magic. She is trusted by everyone, and has demonstrated that she does not see the Order as a vehicle for her personal ambition by adopting the position of Bonisagus’ follower, and by refusing to form a House of her own. Too good to be true? Tytalus has hinted that he knows something a little darker about her.

  • Tytalus (one apprentice, three followers)

Tytalus is another of Guorna’s filii. He, like Flambeau, is one of those battling wizards whose career made the Order necessary. It was at the insistence of Tytalus and Flambeau that the provision for Wizard War was included in the Code. He is a master of the magics of destruction and control. Although his magic is capable of displays of sheer power, it is the combination of his ability to assess and understand his opponents, and his inventiveness in the use of his spells that makes him such an effective fighter. Unlike Flambeau, Tytalus prefers not to kill those that he has defeated. Tytalus genuinely seems to love conflict in any form. He is also unnervingly perceptive of the thoughts and motives of others.

  • Verditius (one apprentice, one follower)

Verditius, an extraordinarily gifted creator of magic items, is completely unable to cast spells. Even the simplest spell remains beyond his ability. At Durenmar, his parma magica is cast for him by Bonisagus, but it has escaped no-one’s attention that he is unprotected by that ritual on his home ground. The Order has Verditius to thank for the inclusion, in the Universal Theory, of methods of enchanting items. When, however, he talks about what it is for him to create a magical device, he can touch the beauty of poetry and the depth of philosophy. No-one else has been able fully to understand this extra element of his Gift, but no-one who hears him speak of it can dismiss him as a mere crafter. Verditius has made items for all of the Founders.

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