The Last of the Druids

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Game The Last of the Druids
Storyguide Anna
Length 2 hours
Players 2-6
Suitability All
Prerequisities None
Pre-rolled characters available? Yes

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Hunt for House Diedne board game.

Players grab vis and treasure by outnumbering Diedne mages, or Marching or declaring Wizard's War against other Houses. The board is set on a map of the Stonehenge & Hibernia tribunals.

House Diedne, of druidic magic, joined an organisation of powerful wizards that gave them protections from each other. The founder Bonisagus promised they’d be safe. However, House Tremere and House Flambeau accused them of practising blood sacrifice and other things risking trouble from the Christians.

The Diedne magi around the Rhine were killed, and the French have fled to the British Isles. All Diedne mages were expelled, even though many had never practised blood sacrifice, and the Order’s rules had not specifically forbidden it. Nevertheless, House Tremere won enough votes to sentence everyone in House Diedne to death. Catching them is the tricky part.

In Ars Magica, some senior Diedne wizards were never found. This game ends differently, when all Diedne or all Tremere are destroyed. Whoever has the most resources at the end of the game wins. Roleplaying while playing welcome. There are many spells, but the most powerful are known about beforehand. The second pack of cards is an Order of Hermes deck for favours that Diedne don't get.

This could be tried with the variants for any of the 13 Houses.

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