Symbaroum: Howling of the Mad Gods

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Game Howling of the Mad Gods - Symbaroum
Storyguide Mark Threlfall
Length 4
Players 4-6
Suitability Suitable for new players
Prerequisities None
Pre-rolled characters available? Yes


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NIGHTTIME descends like a deep blue veil over the River Veloma and the village of Prios Pass.The snow no longer falls, the wind no longer blows, and a grim calm settles in the shadows of the Titans. Somewhere on the other side of the river is the refugee camp, occupied by Alberians hoping to be welcomed into Queen Korinthia’s Promised Land.

You are members of House Mareno, once a proud noble family, but now without lands reduced to mere merchants. You have returned to the Titans to welcome the last of your family into Ambria, but secrets and promises are about to explode as you face the Howling of the Damned Gods.


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