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Hi all. I'm Simon Burley. Self publish my own RPGs (Squadron UK, The Comics Code, The Code of the Spacelanes, The Code of Steam and Steel et all.) I also attend most of the British RPG conventions and have written about them. (In my book - Conventional Thinking.)

I'm not an Ars Magica/Atlas Games player but Chris suggested I might want to attend Grand Tribunal. So I've booked a hotel and train tickets and will be there early morning for both days.

I'm happy to play but I'm also happy to Referee if people want my games. Things like my popular Dr Who scenario "All of Time and Space" (using my own multi-genre rules), a "Steam and Steel" Steampunk scenario (possibly "The Great Martian Tripod Race") or even some "Black Hack" D&D if people want to try it out. I wasn't thinking of bringing my more trad Superhero games but could if people wanted.

Any advice/suggestions welcome.

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