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Hugh dressed for a freeform

Please note that the cost of the Friday fringe events are not included in your ticket. Unlike previous years we have not organised a formal sit down meal this year - prioritising playing games and informal chatting instead.

These events are entirely optional, and timings are just a guide to the earliest time they might happen. Feel free to turn up fashionably late. Follow hashtag #gt17uk on Twitter to check the exact time that we leave the pub to head to the hotel bar.

16:00 CHANGE TO PREVIOUS YEARS. This year the Meet, Greet and Eat is at Brewhouse & Kitchen, Henrietta Street,GL50 4FA (opposite the Holiday Inn Express, behind the Premier Inn).

20:30 Card games, boardgames and socializing in the bar of the Holiday Inn Express, 33 Dunalley Street, GL50 4AP map


2014 Freeform

10:00-22:00 - Gas Green Community Centre, see venue page for details. Please bring a packed lunch. Fish & chip supper can be delivered, optional. The nearby supermarket & corner shop both sell sandwiches.

10:00 Game Slot A

10:00 Introduction, setup, prep time (30 mins)

10:30 Guernsey Fortune the Freeform Game. Everyone is invited to play! The freeform is a lighthearted costumed (but people bring spare kit) game which is played walking around. A character will be provided for you, unless you specifically opt out. We encourage everyone to do this as an icebreaker, and no knowledge of Ars Magica or medieval history is required.


Join Andrew Jones and Becky Smith for a boardgame?

12:30 Lunch

Lunch (please bring a packed lunch or visit local shops. In deference to our hosts no alcohol please in the venue. (30 mins). The Freeform wrap-up discussion and debrief will occur over lunch. Last orders for evening fish & chip supper will be taken here, so make sure you have spoken to CJ if you would like to be in the order.

13:00 Game slot B (3 hours)


16:00 Game slot C (3 hours)

  • Feng Shui 2 - A sequel to last year's Feng Shui game- Princess Pei-Pei is betrothed to be married, but there is trouble in the land, with rumours of a hideous lava monster on the loose... by Andrew Jones



  • Amazons Ars Magica by Tom Nowell. Rather than play Magi of the Order of Hermes, play Amazon warrior women magi from the supplement Rival Magics!
Another Grand Tribunal Freeform

19:00 Supper

Supper (1 hour) including:

  • All hail the arrival of the fish and of the chips
  • CJ doing a QUICK talk that will definitely not be longer than 5 hours minutes.
  • Charity Raffle - do consider bringing a donation to be raffled!

In deference to our hosts please consume no alcohol please in the venue, except as Raffle Prizes.

20:00 Game slot D (till late)

2014 Battle of Fornham game



10:00-16:00 - Gas Green Community Centre, see venue page for details. Sunday may involve re-runs of games that were booked solid on their first run on Saturday too. Please bring a packed lunch. The nearby supermarket & corner shop both sell sandwiches.

10:00 Game slot E (3 hours)

  • The Case of the Haunted Quarry The covenfolk of The Hazel Grove are asked to investigate sightings and sounds at the quarry which are delaying work, to the chagrin of the abbey and amusement of Sir Phillip. Ars Magica by Anna



13:00 Game slot F (3 hours)


  • An Eventful Day at Lemos Ars Magica by Mark Steedman. You are young magi of the Order of Hermes. Since passing your wizards gauntlets you have come to live at the Covenant of Lemos situated off the beaten track in southern England.

16:00 Close

Close and wrap-up. People who need lifts are helped to station, and rest of us wander off for beer, an Indian meal and socialising for delegates who are able to stay till Monday. Highly recommended!

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