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If you are a Story Guide - i.e. if you are running a game - then you can order bulk A4 double-sided colour laser printing in advance.

This is being offered by staff member Andrew Oakley at my own personal expense. Please email me the files as attachments:

It is your responsibility to check with me before the event to confirm that this printing has happened. I recommend you bring at least one copy of everything yourself, or your files on a USB/SD memory card, so we can run off extra copies if I fail to print what you need in advance.

All the advance bulk printing will be done at home prior to Saturday morning, using an office double-sided colour laser printer. This printer will not be available at the venue, it is too large to move about. The printer at the venue will be a cheap inkjet.

Acceptable file formats

  • PDF is most preferred - very strongly the most preferred
MS-Windows users can use PDF Creator to make PDFs from any application
  • Microsoft Word .doc and .docx are accepted
  • OpenOffice and LibreOffice .odt is accepted
  • Bitmap images .jpg , .png and .gif are accepted
  • Vector images .svg and .wmf are accepted

What you need to include in your email

  • The document files, as individual attachments or as a .zip or .tgz archive
  • How many copies of each document you require - if you're sending more than one document, state the name of each document together with the number of copies of each document, e.g. "6x player-brief.pdf and 2x storyguide.pdf please"

Background must be white

Each page must be predominantly white, i.e. the background must be white or a very pale near-white colour. No whole pages of black or colour please, it uses up too much toner. No full-page photos unless they're predominantly white/pale. A small number of half-page photos are fine. If you're printing maps, then the colour that represents the largest area should be white. If you can't work out how to adjust your map to suit this, email the picture to me and ask, and I'll probably be able to adjust it for you.


  • Documents 6 pages or fewer will be printed onto A4, double-sided
  • Documents 7 pages or more will be printed as an A5 stapled booklet (A4 folded in half, double-sided). Maximum 20 pages. Please keep your document as A4, I will deal with the resizing.

If you want something different, just ask.

Printing on the day at the venue

At the venue I may bring a monochrome single-sided inkjet printer/scanner/photocopier & Linux laptop, which will be able to read all the formats listed above such as MS-Word and PDF, but please avoid relying on this. The laptop should also have Internet access (over mobile 3G) but again please avoid relying on this.

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