Night of the Living OFSTED

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Game Night of the Living OFSTED - Ars Magica
Storyguide Andrew Oakley
Length 2-3
Players 2-5 possibly 6
Suitability Suitable for new players
Prerequisities None
Pre-rolled characters available? Yes


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Wilderhope Academy in Shropshire is a rural residential state primary school for pupils with behavioural difficulties. The school was recently rated Requires Improvement and is heading towards Inadequate.

Up to five players take the parts of OFSTED investigators performing a follow-up visit, Why are the pupils so palid and clumsy, given the school's great rural location and outdoor facilities? Why does the school excel at mathematics but underperform at all other subjects? It's important that the school is turned around, because most of these troubled children have already been excluded from mainstream schools, and could fall out of the educational system altogether if the school closed.

You may read the OFSTED report here:

The location is based on Wilderhope Manor National Trust / YHA:


Pre-rolled characters will be provided. Alternatively you may use any modern-day grog (non-magical) character that you already own, that might reasonably be an OFSTED inspector (including new trainees or more experienced).

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