Modest Misses in the Meadow

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Game Modest Misses in the Meadow
Storyguide Anders Håkon Gaut
Length 3 hours
Players 4-6
Suitability Any
Prerequisities None
Pre-rolled characters available? Yes

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It's midsummer eve and in the flowery meadows around the covenant a selection of the young(ish) girls are sent out on an important mission. There is VIS to be harvested, except that the girls don't really know the significance of this.

On midsummer eve there is dancing and bonfires and flirting and not least, the picking of the Midsummer Bouquet. Done correctly it will grant you True Dreams of you future husband.

An easy assignment. It's not like those old magi will notice if you keep a few flowers to yourselves. And what could possibly go wrong playing in the meadows on midsummer eve?

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