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Lloyd is a 30 something self-confessed geek living in Cheltenham for the past 10 years. During the day I normally works for SFC Group providing event catering and as of this year IT services to events around the UK. Having missed last year’s event, I have been informed that Formula 1 2016 was my last weekend event this year so I will actually make it to this year’s event.

When not role-playing I am and avid PC gamer, cinema goer and occasionally gets dragged out ghost hunting by CJ.

My roleplay gaming experience started in the WARP (War and Roleplay Gaming) society at Oxford Brookes University back in 1997 (which means I started university nearly 20 years ago now). My first system was the old 2nd Edition Vampire the Masquerade. Other favourites include Cyberpunk 2020, Shadowrun, Call Of Cthulhu and Ars Magica (funny that).

My history with Ars Magica started in the early 2000’s and become a play tester for most of the 5th Edition line. I apologise to David Chart for breaking the rules and to CJ for making him have even less hair.

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