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Justin Alexander, Creative Director of RPG at Atlas Games

Special Guest from ATLAS GAMES

Justin has been working in the RPG industry since he was in high school. Some of his earliest work was with Atlas Games as a freelancer and he's excited to have made the journey full circle to assume the role of RPG Producer.

Justin’s previous freelance career has also included work with Fantasy Flight Games, Steve Jackson Games, Dream Pod 9, and many others. Other past gigs include being the Artistic Director of the American Shakespeare Repertory, publishing games and supplements through Dream Machine Productions, acting as the original Line Developer for the Infinity RPG, and leading the rejuvenation of Technoir.

At [the Alexandrian:https://thealexandrian.net/] he is best known for his [Gamemastery 101:https://thealexandrian.net/gamemastery-101] series (including “Three Clue Rule,” “Don't Prep Plots,” “Node-Based Scenario Design,” “Jaquaying the Dungeon,” “Open Table Manifesto,” and “Random GM Tips”) and a motley assortment of independent scenarios (including the award-winning Halls of the Mad Mage). He won the 2019 Silver ENnie for Best Online Content.

On twitter he's @hexcrawl. At home he's the proud daddy of a little girl and the happy husband of a wonderful wife.

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