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Game Jailbreak: an Unknown Armies adventure
Storyguide CJ
Length 3 hours
Players 5 to 9
Suitability Any
Prerequisities This is an Unknown Armies 1st edition adventure
Pre-rolled characters available? Yes

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The setting of “Jailbreak” is a small farmhouse close to the (fictional) Surrey State Medium Security Penitentiary. Some of the characters are prisoners who’ve escaped from Surrey. Others are simply caught up in the action.

Surrey isn’t a jail for hardcore, violent criminals. Mainly it’s filled with an uneasy mix of nonviolent repeat offenders, first time violent criminals (usually crimes of passion), and drug users serving mandatory sentences. It was recently the home of “Father Freedom,” a cult leader convicted of fraud— though he was guilty of a great deal more than that. In any event, one of his followers drove a truck full of dynamite and blasting caps into the wall during his exercise time, and he escaped into a waiting car driven by three other devotees.

Four other prisoners (Morton Willits, Steve Updike, Juan Riccinto and David “Icepick” Leyner) escaped in the confusion—taking Corrections Officer Jake Spundie with them as a hostage.

They made it to a highway just as an unseasonable hailstorm began. At the highway, they commandeered a car driven by Janet Mattice and her client Donna Ngwashi. They immediately took to the back roads—not noticing how low on gas the car was.

When it ran out, they approached the nearest farmhouse, where Morton cut the phone lines. They plan to hide out until the heat dies down, then take off in the morning. The house is home to Uder Krazmersky and his wife Ella.


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