Inky Fingers Heart Aflame

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Game The Freeform: Inky Fingers Heart Aflame
Storyguide CJ, Tom Nowell
Length 2.5 hours
Players 18
Suitability Any
Prerequisities None
Pre-rolled characters available? Yes

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Please sign up for the freeform via the Casting from here



I still have some people left to cast. Please fill in the form above! :)

For those who have, here are your characters for the game. Full sheets will follow...


  • Augustus of Tytalus, brother to Augusta – Frederick Jensen
  • Augusta of Tremere, sister to Augustus – Laura Knighton
  • Meton of Criamon, Apprentice – Lloyd Graney
  • Epsilon Gamma of House Criamon, magus – Martin Smart
  • Pantera of Criamon, Apprentice – Luke Price
  • Paulasinias of Criamon, magus – Stephen Lovatt
  • Tyrannus of Guernicus, Chief Quaesitor – Leif
  • Xenophia of Guernicus, Apprentice - Anna
  • Bobius Candlewick, the Seneschal – Andrew Oakley
  • Gartnaich of the Damhadh-Duidsan, magus – Mark Steedman
  • Drust Hairytrews of the Damhadh-Duidsan, Apprentice - Håkon Gaut
  • Euphonius the Dragon – Phil
  • Sir Clarence du Bois, Troubadour of House Jerbiton – Jonathan Elcock
  • Father Heinrich, Bonisagus magus - Karl
  • Sophia of Bonisagus, Apprentice - Felicity
  • Serjeant Grim – Simon Burley
  • Caradoc of Bonisagus – Andrew Jones
  • Roland, apprentice of House Jerbiton - Jean Francois
  • Ferdinand of Flambeau – Sergio
  • Raoul of Flambeau, Apprentice - Pedro
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