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We have never had any reported incidents of harassment, but we include this policy for everyone's peace of mind.

Harassment, be it racial, sexual, disability based, inappropriate touching, aggressive behaviour or anything that causes others discomfort to others - simple bullying and unwelcome chat-up lines are definitely included - are not part of Grand Tribunal, and they won't be.

If a delegate makes you uncomfortable in any way then let them know (if possible to do so) why and how. Usually if you explain the problem the person concerned will apologize, be mildly embarrassed and stop doing whatever the annoyance is. It can end there, and hopefully all will be well.

If you feel you can not address the issue this way, you need to tell someone, and that someone is usually CJ. Now if CJ is the one causing you the problem, then go straight to another organiser or another long-established participant such as Neil Taylor or Sheila Thomas. These policies apply as much to the organisers as other attendees. We can then have a quiet word with the person, and if need be ask them to moderate their behaviour or leave. We've never needed door security, but we have the mobile phone numbers of friends who are licensed doormen should we need to remove someone by force.

Any person who harasses another will not be welcome at future UK Grand Tribunals, and while words said in jest or playful messing about can be taken the wrong way, we all want to enjoy a friendly, happy and fun convention. We don't think we need this policy - since we started in 2007 it has never once been a problem - and I hope we never need to use it, but just to make absolutely clear - we are adults, and we expect decent, civilized behaviour.

We can not imagine this will ever be needed; but we want to do all we can to make everyone feel safe and secure and have an amazing time. If you have any suggestions or improvements feel free to respond to the mailing list, or email CJ off list at: chrisjensenromer@hotmail.com

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