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Twilight Fire: A Romance

Twilight Fire is a 40 player weekend LARP set in May 1916 and taking place in a Pembrokeshire seaside hotel in May 2016, a century to the day after the events of the story. Players will stay at the hotel, and from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon immerse themselves in a complex tale of romance, intrigue, myth and mystery.

What Is The Game About?

Brightly flames the dusk, as a coppery sun tinged the western waters ruby red; droplets of blood sacrificed in vain for that long dead cause? The beach is almost deserted; taking one great gulp of air, as if to steady herself, Mina Andrews begins to dance a slow graceful swirl along the greying sands.

An hour ago the beach was thronged with holidaymakers, fleeing the war weary towns for respite, a snatched day or two of the innocent life now left for the war years. A chill breeze whipped up Mina's shawl as she twisted and leapt blowing in from smouldering Dublin across the sea. Rounding a groyne a small boy in a sailor suit dragged unwillingly towards the boarding house sees Mina, and points her out to his nanny, tugging at the leash of her bony wrists, begging her to "look at the lady!"

Mina does not see him, seized with passion as her body gyrates, spinning and spinning ever faster like a skater gliding across the margins of sand and sea, the borderland of wet land and rushing waters, throwing up foam as her feet trace the tides edge. The irate nanny, tired of a thousand questions snaps at the boy that it is rude to stare, and tells the boy if he "huffs like that once more it will be a mark of impertinence; bread and water for supper, and a lifetime of shame will surely follow if impertinence is allowed to gain the upper hand". The boy chastened looks away; the nanny privately decides the woman was a an artist, a vegetarian, or a nut, and probably all of them.

The moon rises slowly, dyeing the land silver, and Mina dances on, a frenzied lithe figure, leaping, bounding, spinning and at times sobbing in pure joy or terror. PC Evans parks his bike against the railings and watches her for a few minutes, then shrugs. German spies or saboteurs trying to get to the seaplane base, that is his duty, not watching some slip of a girl dancing in that manner. His cheeks burn crimson, as if he has caught her naked, and he felt a sting of lust and shame, mingled in the manner only a couple of beers could allay. He mounts his bike and ride for last orders at the pub; these new licensing laws are plain ridiculous he muses, and forgets the frankly erotic, savage, insane and frightful dancer, at least until he tries to sleep.

Just after midnight they come, proudly, exultantly, and yet furtively. You feel their eyes, yet they are swallowed in shadow; they have waited long for this hour, and they will not move until the twinkling star of dawn tells them the hour has come at last.

And now it is dawn, and Mina's body is caressed by the first fingers of a rising tide as it gently rolls up the sands almost to the feet of Hywel the Fisherman. He calls out and others scurry from alleys, breakfast and still pyjama'd slumbers to see the pale, limp corpse dragged up from the tideline. Mina is gone; and that is how it starts.

And you, her friends, her associates, and those who have a duty to know about such things are summoned from a world where the war is everything to spend one weekend at the inquest, and perhaps find what sorrow brought Mina Andrews, such a *sweet* and *respectable* lady to this...


This is a costume drama set in the First World War; just two weeks ago the British suppressed a treasonous Nationalist rising in Dublin, and across the sea from Pembrokeshire reprisals and justice are being conducted. Here in sleepy Fishguard a seaplane unit guard the Irish Sea against German shipping and U boats, and a handful of determined holidaymakers still escape for a few days respite from the new as from the trenches. In Flanders the men folks are locked in a titanic struggle with the Hun; here in sleep Wales only the death of a young women, quite mad according to some, awakes ancient passions and sleeping secrets.

This is not an HP Lovecraft or Cthulhu game; though it has occult themes,it draws from Welsh legend, Arthur Machen, Hermeticism, Theosophy and the Celtic Twilight as well as psychical research and real life "supernatural" folklore, and literary influences such as John Masefield and (in particular) Alan Garner. This game is very much a work of fiction, though it refers to and is set in the real world.


Friday 13th May to Sunday 15th 2016. Players will want to book the hotel for Friday & Saturday Night, though you can just come on the Saturday as long as we know before casting you!


The game will be based around Fishguard on the Welsh coast and the Bay Hotel...

  • Fishguard Bay Hotel
  • Quay Rd
  • Goodwick,
  • Pembrokeshire
  • SA64 0BT

What You Need

You will need to costume as your character; your character will be pre-written and assigned to you two months before the game takes place, so you can prepare. The information and secrets on your character sheet will help you, by working with others, resolve some mysteries, and perhaps even achieve your set goals, if you do not decide as the story unfolds that maybe they are not so important after all!

You will need to book a room at the hotel. This will be the largest expense of course, but is very reasonable, especially given prices are per room!

  • Double/twin two nights B & B (2 people) - room price £89.
  • Double/twin two nights B & B (single occupancy) or single room - room price £85.

If you can't join us till the Saturday that is fine so long as we know; prices for one night are as follows --

  • Double/twin one night B & B (2 people) - room price £50.
  • Double/twin one night B & B (single occupancy) or single room - room price £45.

If you wanted options for three nights or with evening meal one or both nights, or you would like a hot/cold buffet putting on for lunch or evening please let me know.

Above prices include use of the conference room for the duration of the stay, and the game.

The only additional cost is the £5 game booking fee payable on registration.

And finally, but just as important, you will need to register for the game, pay a £5 non-refundable game fee - (unless the game doesn't run for someone reason, in which case everyone will be refunded!) and fill in the Casting Form. Spaces are strictly limited, so hurry.

Who We Are

We are goats, hiding under this 'ere bridge from mountain trolls

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