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Equality of access

Our main venue including all the rooms used for scheduled games, toilets and kitchen (refreshments) are accessible to wheelchairs. These rooms are all on the ground floor, level access throughout inside with 1 shallow step from the pavement. Doors are all wide enough for wheelchairs. There is a toilet for the disabled with all the usual handrails etc.

If you have a carer or other personal assistant to help with disability issues, then that assistant does not need a ticket unless they want to reserve their own place to play in a game. Without a ticket, your assistant is welcome to play in games which have spare places unoccupied by ticket-holders, but you'll need to wait until just before the game starts to be sure.

The two larger gaming halls can be a little echoey, especially the sports hall. If you have significant hearing difficulties, please contact an organiser or talk to your preferred games' scheduled story guides and we will do our best to ensure your games take place in the lounge, where the smaller room size and soft furnishings reduce echo.

There are upstairs rooms (no lift) which some freeform players sometimes use as changing rooms. We did once use an upstairs room as a "Mage's Tower" in the freeform, but if there are players with mobility issues then we will solve this problem by simply declaring the upper floor out of bounds.

As of 2013 all fringe events (i.e. optional Friday evening events) are held in wheelchair-accessible venues.

We can make other provisions: if you require a BSL signer for example, or have other special needs please contact the organisers. The more we know about your needs in advance, the more we can do to meet them.

We also have a designated Quiet Room, where conversation is discouraged and no games are taking place, where you can retreat and just mellow out for a while, read a book, or relax on your own.

We will provide a car and driver (typically Andrew Oakley) to take anyone with mobility issues to and from Cheltenham's main public transports hubs, including the train station and the bus station. Please contact an organiser or more specifically email Andrew: andrew@aoakley.com

Equality of opportunity

Grand Tribunal UK is open to everyone regardless of gender, race, sexuality, religion, disability, nationality, eye colour or any other characteristic, with the exception of age. The minimum age to attend is 16. There is little mature content to the games beyond that which you would expect from a bawdy medieval tavern ballad; think PG with occasional 15 certificate.

Players are welcome to play characters which are the same as or different from their actual personal characteristics, although most games will have pre-generated characters which fit the specific history of Ars Magica's Mythic Europe environment. Whilst Ars Magica does pride itself on historical research and folklore, most storyguides adapt medieval culture to be welcoming to a far wider range of characteristics than would be historically accurate. It is a game focussing on wierdo magicians, not a factual re-enactment of xenophobic medieval attitudes. That said, sometimes deliberately playing an outsider makes for a fun challenge. Talk to your storyguide.

We are able to provide a quiet room for prayer or non-religious quiet break. However this is likely to be upstairs and not accessible to wheelchairs, and likely to resemble an untidy music practice room with a few chairs. Cheltenham has a number of religious venues, including churches, mosques and a synagogue, all within walking distance of the venue. Our hosts, the Baptist church around the corner, would love to see you.

Racist, sexist, homophobic and other kinds of prejudicial, offensive or otherwise annoying behaviour are forbidden as per our Harassment policy.

We do, however, reserve the right to make jokes about the spending power of the Norwegian krone.

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