Chariot of the Gods

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A sprawling fantasy saga in just one single session. Starting in an impossible situation with their backs against the wall your brave and cunning adventurers will claw their way to victory using just their wits, courage and willingness to spit into the winds of Fate. There'll be epic battles, struggles for survival, political wranglings, ancient magicks, evil villains, monsters and madness. I can't reveal any more details of the scenario without giving away the plot. You'll just have to trust me. I've run this adventure before and it's EPIC.

It's set on Aertha, your fairly typical Swords and Sorcery world with all the usual races, roles and tropes. What's different is it uses my new fantasy rules, The Code of Warriors and Wizardry. If you've played in my Code games before, you'll have some inkling of what it's all about. Easy but breathtakingly broad character creation. You can make literally whatever you want - even a whole new Race of creatures for the world. Fast and cinematic conflicts. Only 2d6 but truly magical things happen when you roll a double.

BUT, even I wasn't fully prepared for how the wide range of player options in the game transform the fantasy experience. Dungeons and Dragons this ain't. It depends on the players but, usually, there's a tendency towards the grand and the gonzo - as much Monty Python and the Holy Grail as Game of Thrones.

A sprawling fantasy saga in a single sitting.

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