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Mobile: 07711 891061 (international +44 7711 891061 )
Twitter: @aroakley

At Grand Tribunal

Stationery, tea & coffee, the Friday afternoon meet & greet, the Saturday evening take-away food orders and other supplies for Grand Tribunal Cheltenham are organised by Andrew. Basically all the boring stuff that doesn't involve actual roleplaying.

Andrew is also the webmaster for this website and wiki, which runs on his server in the Amazon cloud.

He can also provide lifts to/from the railway and bus/coach station before 10am on Saturday and after 4pm on Sunday.

In 2014, Andrew wrote and guided the freeform, a story about the ancient Tewkesbury Mop Fair.

Andrew wrote the short campaign The Cathedral and the Bizarre specifically for Grand Tribunal.


Andrew Oakley has been playing RPGs since childhood in the 1970s with D&D. He usually prefers systems with light rules but thinks that the rich backstory of Ars Magica, plus its unique and highly flexible spellcasting system, is well worth making an exception for. Andrew also wrote a large part of the Agent's Handbook for the Laundry Files paranormal secret service RPG.

Andrew makes his own amateur RPG scenarios & supplements available on his website. They are typically public domain.

He lives on the outskirts of Tewkesbury about 20 minutes' drive from Grand Tribunal's Gas Green Cheltenham venue, with his wife and three primary-age children.

Andrew works as a Senior Project Manager for a software house in Cheltenham. In his spare time he runs Cotswold Raspberry Jam, a bi-monthly event celebrating the low-cost Raspberry Pi computer and teaching children how to write programs.

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