An Invitation to Dinner

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Game An Invitation to Dinner: An Ars Magica Freeform
Storyguide Mark Steedman
Length 3 hours
Players 19; 10 - 19
Suitability Any
Prerequisities None
Pre-rolled characters available? Yes

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The Lord Mortain has invited the scholars form Flavius Valerius to dinner as his guests. As Flavius Valerius stands on land which is nominally Lord Mortian’s no doubt they will attend. Word has spread and others also gather for there is a sense of something in the wind. Around him the Lord has his few knights and principal retainers, but what of the scholars and other visitors to his hall. This is just dinner but it may well be an interesting evenings dinner.

The setting is a Lords Manor in Mythic Europe, at a first glance much like Medieval Europe but the fay are real, there really are legendary powerful wizards closeted away in remote towers and beasts of legend walk the remoter parts.

Players will take the parts of the Lord and a handful of his retainers and the various visiting ‘Scholars’, but scholar in Mythic Europe is a good cover for Magi, and a few other interesting souls who are at dinner for various reasons. This is primarily a social event.


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