An Ill-Fated Meeting

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Game An Ill-Fated Meeting
Storyguide Neil Taylor
Length TBC
Players 6
Suitability Medium to advanced players
Prerequisities None
Pre-rolled characters available? Yes

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This is a reserve game which will only be played if there is high demand. There is not anticipated to be a second playthrough.


Six magi have gathered to negotiate the rights to gather Vis from a glade deep in a forest, bordered by the lands of their respective covenants. They have been brought together by the skilled negotiator, Septus Trianomae of House Bonisagus. They have gathered at Transubstantiae Minores, a Chapter-House of Septus’ Covenant Transubstantiae.

The first day’s debate went badly, with the gathered magi’s positions apparently entrenched and non-negotiable. Tempers flared — but this was really a matter of marking positions: the real “horse-trading” would take place overnight, as magi made clandestine arrangements under cover of darkness, slipping from room to room, before finally retiring to sleep in the small hours of the morning.

Featuring six six Middle-aged (40+gauntlet) Magi, who all happen to be involved with Mystery Cults...

  • Cito of Tytalus, Neo-Mercurian exemplar
  • Lumina ex Misc, dreamy illusionist
  • Stellata of Verditius, dwarven crafts-maga
  • Striga ex Misc, witch
  • Studiosus of Bonisagus, bookish scholar
  • Vermis of Jerbiton, charming student of the arts (honest!)
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