An Enchanted Evening

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Game An Enchanted Evening
Storyguide Anders Håkon Gaut
Length 3-4 hours
Players 5
Suitability Any
Prerequisities None
Pre-rolled characters available? Yes


Bombastus of Tremere has been charged with an important research assignment from his House: He is to investigate possibilities of inherritance of the Gift. To do so he has joined the covenant of Arx Limbus in the southern part of the Rhine tribunal, as they are rumoured to be very proficient in all sorts of life magic.

To really get the research going he has married a local lady of noble birth and see this as a natural part of his research. The rest of the magi of the covenant, however, are united not so much by a fascination for life magic as a firm belief in Courtly Love. So now that the rituals to ensure that Bombasus will get an heir are in place they conspire to get him to also fall in love. Without breaking the code.

The players are playing these scheming sodales...


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