A Night on the Tiles

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Game A Night on the Tiles
Storyguide Lloyd Graney
Length 2 hours
Players 6
Suitability Any
Prerequisities None
Pre-rolled characters available? Yes.


One hundred and one years ago, the magi of the Covenant of Vindelis vanished without trace.The Quaesitors who investigated the sudden silence found the magi gone, yet books on tables, dice and beers left in the courtyard, experiments left half completed in labs, meals decaying on the tables. High on Portland rock, above the surging tides,the secret was never resolved, and not one of the inhabitants was ever seen again...

Twenty years ago, a group of brave magi took on the challenge of re-founding Vindelis. Novum Vindelis was formed, and for two decades all was well, but the mystery of their predecessors fate was never solved.

Tonight the moon is high, and the covenant sleeps. Yet this is no ordinary sleep -- it is a deep magical sleep, and no one can be roused. The grogs snore at their watch points, the magi snore in their labs, and sensible folk are sound asleep in their beds. Now something is moving out there, approaching the covenant. The bushes rustle, the long grass moves. Things are creeping up, to take away the inhabitants and once more leave Vindelis lost to shadows.

Everyone is fast asleep, under the influence of some strange sorcery - except you, the animals of the covenant. Can you save the magi, or will Vindelis again be left a terrible mystery?

The characters available are

  • Plumbum Yaps-at-Daisies – an excitable puppy, magical animal companion to Maud the Cook
  • Augustus Guzzleguts – the wise & sanguine British Blue cat familiar of Byron of Merinita
  • Mick the Monkey – playful pet of Adam the Shipwright, Magus Ex Miscellanea
  • Captain Beaky – faerie seagull, faerie animal companion to Metrodorus of Guernicus
  • Barnabas the Dancing Bear – magical animal & friend of the covenant.
  • Sophia Sapientia – the Mechanical Owl automaton of Janus of Bonisagus
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