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Christian Jensen Romer, known to everyone but his parents as "CJ", is the main organiser of Grand Tribunal. He has written for a number of published supplements for Ars Magica, including Church, The Lion And The Lilly and Rival Magic. He also occasionally writes for other systems, notably the Parapsychologist's Handbook monograph for Call of Cthulhu, where he is called "Chris Jerome", because it fits better on the cover!

In real life he wanders aimlessly around the fringes of academic parapsychology - and occasionally writes reviews or short pieces for the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, & The Paranormal Review, some of which may get published from time to time.

County of Toulouse map from Faith & Flame - The Provencal Tribunal
If you are interested in reading more of his stuff he runs two blogs - the rather eclectic And Sometimes He's So Nameless and the poltergeist themed Polterwotsit.

Described as "professionally vague", CJ is endlessly touched that anyone reads what he has written, and is always happy to hear from his critics (and fans, if such exist!)

His most recent writing for Ars Magica was on Through the Aegis where he wrote the Jardin chapter, and for Thrice Told Tales where he wrote Summer Is Icumen in.

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