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Owing to pressure of time, I won't put too much up here -- I'm still sending character sheets out -- however:

1. First up, the Subsector in which the game is set. The link leads to a map - your character sheet may tell you more about the Sector. Red Worlds are interdicted and off-limits to all traffic, though you have received permission to jump and refuel at Dionysus.

Also available - a version of the Gloria Sector image using a white background (cheaper on ink/toner to print) and with higher contrasting colours (suitable for colour-blind players):

2. Gloria subsector details as listed on the Ship's Computer - the First Officer and Captain probably understand these--

SUB-SECTOR: Gloria SECTOR: Carthage

Last Gasp     0106 X868000-0    Ba Lo Ni   
Gloria        0110 E989234-6    Lo Ni Cp  
Outlaw's      0204 X342132-4    Lo Ni Po   
Don't Hope    0305 X110000-0    Ba Lo Ni     
Trader's      0306 X222000-0    Ba Lo Ni Po     
Dionysus      0309 X594000-0    Ba Lo Ni  Red Zone   
Vespaulus     0605 E79A???-?    Lo Ni Wa  Red Zone 
Lauper        0701 X161???-?    Ba Lo Ni     
Cygnet        0705 X582???-?    Ba Lo Ni  Red Zone       
Perseus       0709 E342132-4    Lo Ni Po  Red Zone   
Woolf         0710 X525000-0    Ba Lo Ni        
Persephone    0802 E310???-?    Lo Ni     Red Zone     
Horus         0803 X142???-?    Ba Lo Ni Po  Red Zone   
Keegan        0807 E693388-2    Lo Ni      

3. Secondly a word on how skills work --

There are four main skill levels

Novice - I have a very vague knowledge or ability
Average - I am proficient in this skill and use it in my daily life
Expert - I am noted as being very good with this skill, one of the best
Master - This is a speciality I am world class at

Challenges have ratings set by the referee. So hacking a starship gunnery system on the computer may be Expert difficulty. Expert of Master characters who spend some time playing the action succeed. Others do not. If you really roleplay the action, and explain how you are doing it step by step and spend a few minutes real time, the GM will probably let you function a level higher once on any given task. Maybe...

However there is another option. You can cooperate with another player, or more. Two Novices = one Average. Two Average = one Master; and so forth. The skills do not have to be identical, so long as both are directly relevant to the task at hand. Two or more Master Level characters can perform "Almost Impossible" feats - so cooperation and teamwork pay off in this game.

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