The Maid of Norway

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Game The Maid of Norway
Storyguide Leif Olav Jøsang
Length 2 hours
Players 4-6
Suitability All
Prerequisities None
Pre-rolled characters available? Yes


Following Alexander III's reputedly drunken plummet off a cliff on the way to a fornicative tryst, several years of negotiations between Scotland, Norway and England, have finally conlcuded. The Maid of Norway, King Erik Magnusson's only daugter, last living heir to the Scottish throne is being shipped from the Royal Håkonshallen in Bergen to Scotland to marry the son of Edward Longshanks, heir to the throne of England.

The premoniscient player characters all have seen bad omens concerning this trip, and have joined the voyage from Yarmouth You are about to leave Bergen for the Orkney's, where final arrangements for the betrothal and wedding will occur.

The official story is Margrete took ill during the late autumn crossing, and died within days after reaching The Orkenys. Ten years after this voyage, a grey haired German woman turned up in Bergen with her husband claiming to be Maid Margrete. Failing to prove her story, she was burned at the stake and her husband decaptiated. But what REALLY happened?

Medieval Loveboat? Amistad? Mutiny on the Bounty? Who knows? There WILL be realtionshipping, that much seems certain.


Player characters will include: A Scotsman (not on a horse), and Englishman, a Tytalus, a Norwegian-Scottish princess, age 7, her Norwegian Nursey and possibly, a Jerbiton quaesitor. I'll get back to you on the characters.

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