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The Stonehenge Tribunal, Winter 1190

The Tribunal, Winter 1190

Spring Covenants

Jarrow is home to a famous monastery; yet a new covenant has been founded near there, to the utter disgust of the Exarch of Tremere at Brabonicum. It has four magi, and so far they have not been forced to move, but it seems that House Tremere regard the new covenant as encroaching upon their Chapterhouse. The magi's names and Houses are not generally known yet.

Wychwood is a tiny covenant on the edge of the Royal Forest near the Rollright stones. It is home to the famous experimentalist Brendan of Bonisagus, who trained the young magus Andrew who so recently left us for Hibernia. Brendan is known for his knowledge of Corpus magic, and has recently recruited a second magus, Magister Marcus of Bonisagus. Wychwood has the only known copy of Lupinus' Inspiration on Creation, the finest book on Creo known to the Order. This exceptional book on Creo is Level 16 Quality 19.

Summer Covenants

Bridgnorth is a cave covenant that lies directly beneath the town! Sir Robert of Jerbiton is a former nobleman who retired from public life a century ago, and the covenant now only recruits women. It has traditionally had a somewhat isolationist stance but recently has welcomed redcaps and is rapidly expanding the library by aggressively pursuing the acquisition of quality books. Bridgnorth is very interest in providing an excellent home to Verditius magi, and applicants should write at once. The covenant offers excellent mundane links and resources, a secure home and two rooks (20 pawns) of vim vis a year to any maga interested in the position.

Hereward's Isle is a two century old covenant which is now enjoying a second Summer, Hereards Isle is a mixed covenant with an illustrious history sitauted on a hoidden island in the Fens. It's magi are known to include Byron of Merinita, Lucius of Flambeau, William Ex Miscellanea, Janus of Bonisagus, Alyssa of Ex Miscellanea and Svetlana of Bjornaer. They have trained several apprentices. They are very isolated from the Order as a whole and redcap visits there are very rare, so the situation may well have changed.

The Mercer House was established just thirty years ago but has propspered greatly in that time. Set within the dominion in the city of London it replaced the earlier Mercer House at Multarum Insularum; that covenant was felt to be able to control politics to an undue extent owing to the redcaps being based there, and the Tribunal ruled henceforth Redcaps should be based at the new Mercer House. Technically there is no reason for Redcaps not to be based at other covenants, but Francesca Whittington the Chief Redcap is known to feel the enforced centralisation worked to the Houses's ultimate advantage.

Autumn Covenants

Avalon is a small covenant hidden in a regio near Glastonbury in Somerset. The magi there are very strongly associated with the Arthurian myth, which is a politically loaded myth right now: the Welsh Kings say Arthur will return, and overthrow the Saxons kingdom of England! Arthurian myth is everywhere around the covenant, and the magi there are experts in the subject, as well as the shadowy truth behind the stories. What they know they are not saying! They are known as rivals to Stonehenge Covenant, and for their strong association with extolling chivalry and knightly virtues. Desdevarious of Merinita, Moira of York (a Bjornaer maga), Anna Ex Miscellanea and Stephren of Jerbiton are all elderly magi who make up the covenant.

Brabonicum is the Tremere chapterhouse in the Tribunal, and geographically isolated from much of the life of the Tribunal. The Exarch of Stonehenge, Loch Leglean and Hibernia is Dalibor and he rules over the ten magi here, holding six sigils. The use of Certamen to push political agendas has been limited in recent years, and the covenant has stronger links with Scotland and Ireland than with the south of England. Stonehenge magi often speculate what the Exarch's political goal is, but the truth is no one has a clue and the Tytalans reckon it is probbaly more to do with the politics of Transylvannia than Stonehenge!

Caer Gadu is a glass island floating in the middle of Lake Bala, and home to the strange warding experts of House Ex Misceallanea, as well as Domus Magna of the House. There power is great, but largely symbolic, and they still await the return of Pralix the Founder, centuries lost to Twilight. Recently they have been under scrutiny as linked to Welsh nationalism and Celtic revivalism which are dangerous currents in mortal politics. The covenant denies any knowledge of these things.

Stonehenge is the single most powerful covenant in the Tribunal, and the largest with 14 magi. It aggressively protects its vis sources and dominates every Tribunal, as the Praeco Cuthbert of Flambeau resides here, along with Chad of Flambeau the Chief Hoplite and Tanaquil of Guernicus the Presiding Quaesitor. Six of the magi are a clutch of Criamon magi, whose activities are completely baffling to almost everyone outside the covenant, and possibly some within, though it is rumpoured that they are not schismatics not in communion with the Cave of Twisting Shadows. There are few Criamon magi in Stonehenge other than them to ask the truth. The Stonehenge covenant works carefully to restrict i) open practice of magic in froint of mundanes ii) interference with mundanes iii) creation of magical gold or silver iv) advocates hidden covenants and a secret order and v) are suspicious of House Ex Miscellanea, Merinita and Bjornaer magi who they claim are little better than the accursed Diedne. This is ironic as House Ex Miscellanea was founded in the battle against Diedne! Stonehenge covenant has strong political opinions and uses Tribunals and Marches to enforce its will.

Winter Covenants

Multarum Insula (Wadenholm) is an old and powerful covenant located in a bay full of shifting magical islands and often weird regios. Long the Mercer House of the Tribunal, it lost that honour when Brandonicum amd Stonehenge allied against to accusing oit of too much politcal power, and its magi are sworn enemies of Francesca Whittington of House Mercere and also usually embroiled in politics to try and prevent the Stonehenge domination of the Tribunal. A series of recent unsolved murders in the vicinity including the death of Hugh of Jerbiton a visiting magus found dead in the sea and the redcap Florence of Kent has led to some considerable problems and most magi have left the covenant. Those known ot remain are Lady Winifred of Flambeau, Marcellus of Criamon and Jared ex Miscellanea.

Wyrm's Head is a covenant in a blackened tower on the Gower peninsula. The Tytalan magi here were destroyed in a Wizard's March for diabolism, and three of the five magi here were marched ten years ago when their infernal dealings with demons became known; one was subsequently hanged by the Earl of Pembroke for unrelated reasons. Now only the honourable Roderick of Flambeau remains, his apprentice having recently left. Roderick is known as a chivalrous fellow who has believed to have fought in a number of the battles in Ireland in recent years, yet never broken the Code of Hermes or his chivalric vows. He has slain a number of renegade Irish magi to protect the Order and is a master of Fire magics in the tradition of the School of the Founder.

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