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=== 9:00 '''SESSION D''' (4 hours) ===
=== 9:00 '''SESSION D''' (4 hours) ===
* [[Can You See Me?]] a horrifying adventure for ''Fear Itself'' by Paidraig Barrett about a group of teenagers staging an intervention when their friend is taken unwell. It has a very large number of triggers in the plot and is genuinely horrific.
* [[Crow's Warning]] by [[Anna]] Odin's supposed to have all the answers, so why is he asking you? Frey is not answering his Iris-messages, giant rats have appeared in Norway, the destruction in Japan wasn't an earthquake, and although it's July, it's definitely winter. You play a Scion trying to keep the peace and themselves in one piece. Knowledge optional.
===  13:00 '''SESSION E''' (3 hours)===
===  13:00 '''SESSION E''' (3 hours)===
* [[Biology Station 5]] by [[Phil Jenkins]]. A Science Fiction game set on an isolated space research facility.
* [[Trial by Fire]] by [[Tom Nowell]]. A group of apprentices face The Gauntlet. Will they pass?
=== 16:00 Close ===
=== 16:00 Close ===

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Hugh dressed for a freeform

All welcome, even if you are not ticket holders to join us for the Social Friday night: come see what Grand Tribunal all about! Unlike previous years we are meeting from 7pm at our venue, Gas Green in Baker Street, Cheltenham. Please find something to eat and drink before arriving :) (You can read our COVID-19 strategy here).

These events are entirely optional, and timings are just a guide to the earliest time they might happen. Feel free to turn up fashionably late. Follow hashtag #gt20uk on Twitter to check the latest updates.

19:00 Card games, board games and socialising in Gas Green Community Centre, see venue page for details.

We will have some light hearted games for small groups available.

  • CJ will run an introductory Ars Magica setting adventure using his quickplay rules Ars Ludo. The quickplay rules are designed to create characters and allow a game to start in 20 minutes if you know the setting and game background. Thesed rules are a development of those he ran with last year.


2014 Freeform

10:00-22:00 - Gas Green Community Centre, see venue page for details. Please bring a packed lunch. Fish & chip supper can be delivered, optional. The nearby supermarket & corner shop both sell sandwiches.

10:00 Session A

10:00 Introduction Setup, prep time (30 mins)

10.30 No Freeform this year. To reduce touching, shouting and increase compliance with social distancing we will not have a freeform for the first time in the history of the convention. It took a global pandemic to stop us ;)

  • The Whispering Knights an Ars Magica adventure by CJ Following a visit by the magi of Avalon to the Wychwood covenant there are some discussions to be held and issues to be resolved. Will the magi find common cause and be able to end the perpetual winter afflicting the Stonehenge Tribunal?


  • In to the Black by Christopher Barrett Congratulations, you are one of the graduating cadets for the Academy class of 2270. Prior to your leaving ceremony, you will serve a short tour aboard the UWS. Go Forth And Be Bold, a light Corvette. Captain Baynes is expecting you, and other than the senior command staff, your entire crew will be yourself and your fellow cadets. During this period, your conduct as an active crewmember will be observed, and you will be expected to behave in a manner becoming a member of the Commonwealth Fleet. Do your duty with honour and distinction, and keep an eye out for Union Saboteurs! Your exact assigned station and duties will be explained in your personalised briefing pattern supplied with your personnel records. Characters will be provided, suitable for anyone who doesn't mind a bit of scifi

13:00 Lunch

Lunch (please bring a packed lunch or visit local shops. In deference to our hosts no alcohol please in the venue. The Freeform wrap-up discussion and debrief will occur over lunch. Last orders for evening fish & chip supper will be taken here, so make sure you have spoken to Andrew if you would like to be in the order. Andrew goes and collects the food to save time for playing having phoned in orders from a limited menu to an excellent local chippy.

13:30 SESSION B (4 hours)

  • Dannebrøg an Ars Magica adventure for 5 players by Tom Nowell. King Valdemar is trying to conquer the lands surrounding the Baltic, and magi of House Bjornaer are drawn in to his plans.



  • The Siren's Song by Christopher Barrett a SciFi adventure for up to six players. Captain’s log, 15th of August, 2271, Earth Calendar. We’ve been patrolling the border with the Republic for the past 4 months. Today, we picked up a distress call from an outpost deep in the neutral zone, which we have no record of. I have to make a decision if we are to respond to it, and how to proceed… The bridge crew of the UWS Do not go quietly into that night are the character party for this. Character sheets will be provided

19:00 Raffle & Supper

This is the point at which the charity raffle occurs: so if delegates can bring something - food, delicacies, second hand rpg stuff, interesting pebbles etc that is very welcome - to add to the raffle that is great, but by no means compulsory.

Every attendee receives one ticket, and more can be purchased for £1 each.

Andrew will fetch the fish and chips people have ordered, and those who prefer can walk to one of many nearby fast food outlets or prepare food in the kitchen: we have a full size TESCO superstore 5 minutes walk away.

20:00 SESSION D (till late)

Where did Osbert go? an Ars Magica adventure by Laura Knighton

On their way back from a vis collection, the party are sidetracked into the affairs of a local village. There are four characters to choose from (three companions and one mage), all excellently qualified for vis collection. Time will tell how good they are at unravelling mysteries! The scenario is investigative and talkie relying on the players to take the initiative in finding and pursuing leads.


Ippikin's Edge an Ars Magica adventure by Anna - The magi of the Hazel Grove, investigating a man selling magical books in Much Wenlock have identified a diabolist and an unknown Hermetic mage as customers. How is this possible so close to Wenlock Priory, and what does it have to do with the robber knight with the long chin by the limestone cliff? Who wrote Wild Magic?

2014 Battle of Fornham game


9:00-16:00 - Gas Green Community Centre, see venue page for details. Sunday may involve re-runs of games that were booked solid on their first run on Saturday too. Please bring a packed lunch. The nearby supermarket & corner shop both sell sandwiches.

9:00 SESSION D (4 hours)

13:00 SESSION E (3 hours)

16:00 Close

Close and wrap-up. People who need lifts are helped to station, and rest of us wander off for beer, an Indian meal and socialising for delegates who are able to stay till Monday, which we do every year. Highly recommended to sat Sunday night for the meal if you can; I'll post last train times to Bristol, London and Birmingham on the Venue page.

Sunday Evening Social

At 7.30 pm it is traditional for those delegates remaining in Cheltenham to go for a curry, and to go to the pub. This year we will instead be going to sit outside in a beer garden and eating takeaway. It is entirely informal and not part of the official programme, but you are very welcome to join us. This year we will be celebrating CJ's 51st birthday which is later in the week. :D

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