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19:00 Card games, boardgames and socializing in Gas Green Community Centre
19:00 Card games, boardgames and socialising in Gas Green Community Centre''', see [[venue|venue page]] for details.
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Hugh dressed for a freeform

All welcome, even if you are not ticket holders to join us for the Social Friday night: come see what Grand Tribunal all about! Unlike previous years we are meeting from 7pm at our venue, Gas Green in Baker Street, Cheltenham. Please find something to eat and drink before arriving :)

These events are entirely optional, and timings are just a guide to the earliest time they might happen. Feel free to turn up fashionably late. Follow hashtag #gt20uk on Twitter to check the latest updates

19:00 Card games, boardgames and socialising in Gas Green Community Centre, see venue page for details.


2014 Freeform

10:00-22:00 - Gas Green Community Centre, see venue page for details. Please bring a packed lunch. Fish & chip supper can be delivered, optional. The nearby supermarket & corner shop both sell sandwiches.

10:00 Session A

10:00 Introduction Setup, prep time (30 mins)

10.30 No Freeform this year. To reduce touching, shouting and increase compliance with social distancing we will not have a freeform for the first time in the history of the convention. It took a global pandemic to stop us ;)

Two hundred years after the fall of Diedne the remains of a covenant get thrown back into 1229 northern England. The players must unravel what happened at the end of the Schism war and what to do next. An Ars Magica scenario for 3-5 players.

13:00 Lunch

Lunch (please bring a packed lunch or visit local shops. In deference to our hosts no alcohol please in the venue. (30 mins). The Freeform wrap-up discussion and debrief will occur over lunch. Last orders for evening fish & chip supper will be taken here, so make sure you have spoken to Andrew if you would like to be in the order. Andrew goes and collects the food to save time for playing having phoned in orders from a limited menu to an excellent local chippy.

13:30 SESSION B (4 hours)


We all gather in the Council Chamber to hear news brought by Redcap from foreign lands! All those interested in Ars Magica will want to attend this session, where we will be discussing many topics. However if you have no interest in Ars Magica, don't worry! There will also be board games and alternative RPG options on offer here. :) You won't be made to attend anything you don't want to!

This session will feature Special Guest Justin Alexander leading a lively discussion of

Then we will have a discussion of

19:00 Raffle & Supper

This is the point at which the charity raffle occurs: so if delegates can bring something - food, delicacies, second hand rpg stuff, interesting pebbles etc that is very welcome - to add to the raffle that is great, but by no means compulsory.

Every attendee receives one ticket, and more can be purchased for £1 each.

Andrew will fetch the fish and chips people have ordered, and those who prefer can walk to one of many nearby fast food outlets or prepare food in the kitchen: we have a full size TESCO superstore 5 minutes walk away.

20:00 SESSION D (till late)

  • Cabal of the Gathering Storm an Ars Magica adventure by Ellie Young. The Schism War is in full-swing, and some local Tytali have formed a cabal based around the knowledge of a hidden Diedne covenant, previously unknown to the rest of the order. They plan an assault, but will all go as planned? Allows a minimum of three magi and a maximum of four magi plus one optional apprentice character (possibly suitable for a newer player). Characters will be provided, but due to the anonymous nature of cabals surface-level customization is possible.


  • Ja'far's Folly an Ars Magica adventure by Sandra Ahlqvist. The Order of Hermes may hold the magical landscape of Mythic Europe in an iron grip, but what about the lands to the far east? What do you know of the Suhhar Suleiman, or the Order of Solomon as they're known in the west? Have you heard the tale of the Founders of the Five Families and the crisis that nearly cost they everything? Travel back to a time when the intrigues of the Court may prove far deadlier then any blade or creature could.


Sir Nathaniel is famed not only for his big moneybags and adventurous friends, but for the scrapes his servants get up to. They are well paid for what is quite a respectable job, even if the master seems a bit weird, but coin and wine do go missing, and Beryl's requests always fare better than the lord's. But now them upstairs have been away for a week, and something is WRONG. It's almost as if the prized possessions aren't behaving any better than the servants...


Neon-noir adventure putting the "fast" in "food". Unknown Armies for beginners, characters provided. Some horror elements.


The acidified planet Jina is widely considered as an uninhabitable hell hole. Despite this, a hardy mining colony known as Aram’s Ravine persists underneath the heavy clouds. Most travellers and traders in these parts choose the luxury Cala Duriha resort moon instead, and only the most desperate descend through the toxic atmosphere to visit the Ravine. Fate forces the PCs down to the planet, however, where the plot soon thickens around them

2014 Battle of Fornham game


9:00-16:00 - Gas Green Community Centre, see venue page for details. Sunday may involve re-runs of games that were booked solid on their first run on Saturday too. Please bring a packed lunch. The nearby supermarket & corner shop both sell sandwiches.

9:00 SESSION E (4 hours)

  • The Night Before Christmas an Ars Magica adventure by CJ Outside the snow lies deep and crisp and even, and the magi are gathered in the Great Hall awaiting their traditional Christmas Eve feast. Each ofg the magi has prepared a selection of gifts, and soon the festivities will commence. It soon becomes clear that no one really wants a magical Christmas! Can the magi put aside their grudges and understand the mystery that has befallen the forest?


The adventurers aid is requested by the merchants in Baldh-Ruoch. They have a problem and need some creative thinking. So a mixed group go to the big city, some will like it, some will hate it, but baddies and intrigue await.


When you visited the underbelly of the Broken Wings district, it was just supposed to be a nice easy job/evening in/social call of a dubious nature, but now the building has been placed under quarantine, the State is marshaling its forces outside, and the windows are suspiciously bulletproof. Also - what was that noise?


This is one of the pre-written adventures for Paladin, characters will be young Frankish squires, the game should suit people without experience of the system and characters will be provided.


NIGHTTIME descends like a deep blue veil over the River Veloma and the village of Prios Pass.The snow no longer falls, the wind no longer blows, and a grim calm settles in the shadows of the Titans. Somewhere on the other side of the river is the refugee camp, occupied by Alberians hoping to be welcomed into Queen Korinthia’s Promised Land.

You are members of House Mareno, once a proud noble family, but now without lands reduced to mere merchants. You have returned to the Titans to welcome the last of your family into Ambria, but secrets and promises are about to explode as you face the Howling of the Damned Gods.

13:00 SESSION F (3 hours)

One hundred and one years ago, the magi of the Covenant of Vindelis vanished without trace.The Quaesitors who investigated the sudden silence found the magi gone, yet books on tables, dice and beers left in the courtyard, experiments left half completed in labs, meals decaying on the tables. High on Portland rock, above the surging tides,the secret was never resolved, and not one of the inhabitants was ever seen again...

Twenty years ago, a group of brave magi took on the challenge of re-founding Vindelis. Novum Vindelis was formed, and for two decades all was well, but the mystery of their predecessors fate was never solved.

Tonight the moon is high, and the covenant sleeps. Yet this is no ordinary sleep -- it is a deep magical sleep, and no one can be roused. The grogs snore at their watch points, the magi snore in their labs, and sensible folk are sound asleep in their beds. Now something is moving out there, approaching the covenant. The bushes rustle, the long grass moves. Things are creeping up, to take away the inhabitants and once more leave Vindelis lost to shadows.

Everyone is fast asleep, under the influence of some strange sorcery - except you, the animals of the covenant. Can you save the magi, or will Vindelis again be left a terrible mystery?

When a global superstar has a massive hit sampling an obscure 90's track by the unknown artiste Assyria Divine there is a suddent interest in finding out what became of her, and if there is any more material that could be just as huge as "Blue, Blue Heaven"? Ibiza has been scoured looking for her, but very little has emerged -- but then a new clue is located, and the race is on to locate her and sign her on what appears to be her native island - the tiny country of al-Amarja! A mystery of dance music, pool parties and break beats...


It is the 23rd century. Humanity has expanded to the stars, exploring, spreading, discovering. Technology has wrought miracles, allowing the return from the death, star travel, cybernetic implants,and more. Unfortunately, with advancing tech, comes advancing legislation. To ensure that people aren't being brought back when they aren't actually dead, proof of death is required. For preference, the return of the latest backup, taken from the neural implant of the deceased. The EAS Explorer went missing 7 years ago. 2 months ago, we picked up her distress call. Now, the intrepid crew of the EAS Hwest are being dispatched to confirm the status of their comrades, recover their memories and discover what happened to the Explorer, and why she never returned home... Can do up to 5 players. Think a Star Trek away team size group.


A Little Sleep, a Code of Steam & Steel adventure by Anna

It's 2020, and you play a healthy person participating in a medical trial. It's a good cause, to test a new way to put astronauts in stasis. All going well, you should wake up in a month, about £4,000 richer plus a gym subscription. What you're not expecting is the world to have changed...


Biology Station 5 by Phil Jenkins

In the year 2050 Earth died, the water wars of the 2030’s had gone nuclear in the Indian subcontinent, the oceans choked with plastic and vast eruptions of methane in the siberian tundra meant life would become untenable within the next century. A solution was called for, four vast arks each housing 500 thousand cold sleepers would be sent forth to nearby stars. Except yours, you would journey over 400 light years to a planet much like Earth. 4000 years later you awake.

16:00 Close

Close and wrap-up. People who need lifts are helped to station, and rest of us wander off for beer, an Indian meal and socialising for delegates who are able to stay till Monday, which we do every year. Highly recommended to sat Sunday night for the meal if you can; I'll post last train times to Bristol, London and Birmingham on the Venue page.

Sunday Evening Social

At 7.30 pm it is traditional for those delegates remaining in Cheltenham to go for a curry, and to go to the pub. This is entirely informl and not part of the official programme, but you are very welcome to join us. This year we will be celebrating CJ's 50th birthday which is later in the week. :D

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