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This website/wiki should automatically reformat for mobile browsers, such as Android, iPhone and other smartphones.

If the mobile version is appearing when you don't want it, for example if you have a large-screen mobile device such as a tablet, then bookmark the following address:

If you would like to preview the mobile version on a desktop PC, or the mobile version isn't appearing on your mobile device, then bookmark the following address:

Basically, just add either ?useskin=vector (for the default version) or ?useskin=wptouch (for the mobile version) to the website address of any page you wish to view. Once you've specified ?useskin it should keep using that version on subsequent pages you visit, until you remove ?useskin=whatever from the address.

There are a few things which don't appear at all on the mobile version, notably the illustration on the Main Page, and the PayPal "Buy now" box on the Main Page (the PayPal box does appear on the Tickets page, though). To exclude content from the mobile version when editing, enclose it within Not For Mobile <nfm> </nfm> tags.

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