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A list of games will appear here over the next few months, and ticket holders will be able to sign up to those games. Games will typically fit into either a 2-hour slot, or a 3-hour slot. The programme page will list the timing of those slots.

You can see a list of Story Guides who will be running those games.

If you are considering running a game, please - fill in this form - thank-you.


Signing Up For Games

Once again I have decided to change the way game signs ups work, because I can forsee a lot of people wanting to play some games. I think the fairest way is for the people who are running at least one game to be allowed to pick a spot in a game of their choice, which I will then assign them to, with the caveat that I will leave at least one spot availble in each for sign ups from non-GMs.

Then I will allow everyone not running games, and GMs again to email me a game to sign up to from 7pm on Friday 10th August,and I will assign you a space in a single game of your choice, first come first served.

Beyond that, sign up on the day, as the session starts. Often things change, games get moved around, new games added, etc. We usually just mill around until everyone has a game they are happy with. No one has in 12 twelve years not got to play games at Grand Tribunal, and we usually have more spaces on offer than delegates to fill them. So don't stress if you can't be bothered to sign up in advance...

There is one exception - the Freeforms. It is vital that you sign up for these in advance via the mailing list, and we strongly advise you to play it as it is the first game, the icebreaker and will introduce you to other attendees. We especially recommend you play it if you are new to roleplaying, Ars Magica, games conventions or Grand Tribunal.

The Board Games Room

There will be a good selection of boardgames available in the comfortable Vic Dymock suite for delegates to play. If there is a particular game you would like to try do message CJ and ask him to bring it along. I will ensure that every Atlas Games boardgame I own (most of them) is present, and I will probably bring along my Cthulhu Wars (Petersen Games) set as well just because I like to see it get some usage _ i only get to play it once otr twice a week.

List of Games

The following offers information on the games being run in 2019. More may be added right up to the day of play.

Ars Magica

The amazing RPG of medieval magic by Atlas Games'

CJ is currently running an Ars Magica campaign featuring three covenants in the Stonehenge Tribunal (and with plans for the fourth. The alternative Stonehenge Tribunal setting is linked here and will featurein several scenarios this year.

The Ars Magica Freeform

Over the Edge

Surreal excitement and adventure await modern day tourists to the island of al-Amarja!

Unknown Armies

Post-modern Magick fuelled by obessive desires in the world we all live in...

Non-Atlas RPG games

While our primary focus is on Atlas Games RPGs for the last two years we have accepted other game systems to add to the range of options and adventures possible!

Tabletop Games

General resources

  • Media:Arm5-template-characters.pdf : Five template characters taken directly from the Ars Magica 5th Edition ruleset. Includes Bjornaer, Bonisagus, Flambeau, Merinita and Tytalus. The Bonisagus template has been tweaked from the ruleset original, in order to act as a healer. One character per 2 sides of A4. The second side is optional and merely includes a detailed summary of what each of the characters' spells do. These are low-level characters, ideal for introductory games or beginner players, or as fall-back pre-generated characters for use in short games, such as at conventions. Compiled and edited by Andrew Oakley for Ars Magica Grand Tribunal UK convention 2012.
Also available is Media:Arm5-template-characters.doc , the editable Microsoft Word document that is the source for the PDF.
  • Media:Arm5-simple-character-sheet.pdf : Pitt Murman's excellent simplified Ars Magica 5th Edition blank character sheet. Compressed down to two sides of A4, this not only saves paper, but is easier to navigate around than the 4-page official character sheets.
  • Media:ArM5-2.5.2-fillable.pdf : Pitt Murman's even more excellent fillable Ars Magica 5th Edition blank character sheet.

How to add downloadable files to a page

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Click [Expand] above to learn how to do it the proper way.

Valid file types are:  .PDF  .DOC  .DOCX  .TXT  .PNG  .JPG  .GIF  .SVG  . Contact Andrew Oakley if you want to upload other types.

  • Go to the page you wish to add the file to, then click Edit at the top-right of that page
  • Link to the file using the Media: tag:
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  • You can make it look a bit tidier:
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