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A list of games will appear here over the next few months, and ticket holders will be able to sign up to those games. Games will typically fit into either a 2-hour slot, or a 3-hour slot. The programme page will list the timing of those slots.

You can see a list of Story Guides who will be running those games.

If you are considering running a game, please - fill in this form - thank-you.


Signing Up For Games

Once again I have decided to change the way game signs ups work, because I can forsee a lot of people wanting to play some games. I think the fairest way is for the people who are running at least one game to be allowed to pick a spot in a game of their choice, which I will then assign them to, with the caveat that I will leave at least one spot availble in each for sign ups from non-GMs.

Then I will allow everyone not running games, and GMs again to email me a game to sign up to from 7pm on Friday 10th August,and I will assign you a space in a single game of your choice, first come first served.

Beyond that, sign up on the day, as the session starts. Often things change, games get moved around, new games added, etc. We usually just mill around until everyone has a game they are happy with. No one has in 12 twelve years not got to play games at Grand Tribunal, and we usually have more spaces on offer than delegates to fill them. So don't stress if you can't be bothered to sign up in advance...

There is one exception - the Freeforms. It is vital that you sign up for these in advance via the mailing list, and we strongly advise you to play it as it is the first game, the icebreaker and will introduce you to other attendees. We especially recommend you play it if you are new to roleplaying, Ars Magica, games conventions or Grand Tribunal.

The Board Games Room

There will be a good selection of boardgames available in the comfortable Vic Dymock suite for delegates to play. If there is a particular game you would like to try do message CJ and ask him to bring it along. I will ensure that every Atlas Games boardgame I own (most of them) is present, and I will probably bring along my Cthulhu Wars (Petersen Games) set as well just because I like to see it get some usage _ i only get to play it once otr twice a week.

List of Games

The following offers information on the games being run in 2019. More may be added right up to the day of play.

Ars Magica

The amazing RPG of medieval magic by Atlas Games'

The Schism War has come to the covenant, and it is up to the apprentices to grab the sacred tome of the mound and escape in time. Their lives and the secrets of their House are in their hands. Sheets will be provided for up to five pre-generated apprentices, and until those are all claimed anyone can grab a sheet and join in.

The Schism War is in full-swing, and some local Tytali have formed a cabal based around the knowledge of a hidden Diedne covenant, previously unknown to the rest of the order. They plan an assault, but will all go as planned? Allows a minimum of three magi and a maximum of four magi plus one optional apprentice character (possibly suitable for a newer player). Characters will be provided, but due to the anonymous nature of cabals surface-level customization is possible.

The Order of Hermes may hold the magical landscape of Mythic Europe in an iron grip, but what about the lands to the far east? What do you know of the Suhhar Suleiman, or the Order of Solomon as they're known in the west? Have you heard the tale of the Founders of the Five Families and the crisis that nearly cost they everything? Travel back to a time when the intrigues of the Court may prove far deadlier then any blade or creature could.

Sir Nathaniel is famed not only for his big moneybags and adventurous friends, but for the scrapes his servants get up to. They are well paid for what is quite a respectable job, even if the master seems a bit weird, but coin and wine do go missing, and Beryl's requests always fare better than the lord's. But now them upstairs have been away for a week, and something is WRONG. It's almost as if the prized possessions aren't behaving any better than the servants...

The year is 1664. The place is the Stonehenge tribunal. The covenant of Castor Mortis. Or at least.... it should be. You awaken one morning, wrapped in your winter cloak, around the remains of a fire. In the clearing where your covenant should be. Many of the magi are missing. So are most of the covenfolk, with only a few still around. The local aura feels subdued somehow, as if it has been weakened. You must discover what has happened to your covenant, perhaps even to the entire tribunal. But more than that, you must survive.

Outside the snow lies deep and crisp and even, and the magi are gathered in the Great Hall awaiting their traditional Christmas Eve feast. Each of the magi has prepared a selection of gifts, and soon the festivities will commence. It soon becomes clear that no one really wants a magical Christmas! Can the magi put aside their grudges and understand the mystery that has befallen the forest?

Wilderhope Academy in rural Shropshire was recently rated Requires Improvement and is heading towards Inadequate. Up to five players take the parts of OFSTED investigators performing a follow-up visit. Why are the pupils so palid and clumsy, given the school's great rural location and outdoor facilities? Why does the school excel at mathematics but underperform at all other subjects? It's important that the school is turned around.

The Ars Magica Freeform

  • Alas, Alas for Hamelin! by Phil Jenkins. A freeform is a game played walking about the venue, in costume (ask if you want to borrow something, and don't feel you have to dress up if impossible for travel reasons!) It's a sort of non-combat larp, and I think most people enjoy it even if this is REALLY NOT your thing. It is assumed everyone will play, but if you aren't, just drop CJ a line on to let me know. The game is played in medieval dress (or bed sheets) and is set in the world of Ars Magica. There are orles this year that require no costume (and no nudity ;))

Over the Edge

Surreal excitement and adventure await modern day tourists to the island of al-Amarja!

When you visited the underbelly of the Broken Wings district, it was just supposed to be a nice easy job/evening in/social call of a dubious nature, but now the building has been placed under quarantine, the State is marshaling its forces outside, and the windows are suspiciously bulletproof. Also - what was that noise?

When a global superstar has a massive hit sampling an obscure 90's track by the unknown artiste Assyria Divine there is a suddent interest in finding out what became of her, and if there is any more material that could be just as huge as "Blue, Blue Heaven"? Ibiza has been scoured looking for her, but very little has emerged -- but then a new clue is located, and the race is on to locate her and sign her on what appears to be her native island - the tiny country of al-Amarja! A mystery of dance music, pool parties and break beats...

Unknown Armies

Post-modern Magick fuelled by obessive desires in the world we all live in...

Neon-noir adventure putting the "fast" in "food". Unknown Armies for beginners, characters provided. Some horror elements.

Non-Atlas RPG games

While our primary focus is on Atlas Games RPGs for the last two years we have accepted other game systems to add to the range of options and adventures possible!

Call of Cthulhu

A famous horror rpg set in the worlds of H.P.Lovecraft...

1827; the Season is at its height and the six Blenkinsop daughters have left their remote Norfolk rectory to take the waters in fashionable Cheltenham Spa. With Papa in India, and mama indisposed it has all become Utterly Horrid. Sister Georgina has to begun to act very oddly, and the Blenkinsop girls must use all their gentle good breeding and find a way to avert a terrible scandal. Designed to be played straight faced, this is a (very) black comedy of manners inspired by Jane Austen and the Brontes.

Shadows of Esteren

A French fantasy rpg with a very Medieval feel...

The adventurers aid is requested by the merchants in Baldh-Ruoch. They have a problem and need some creative thinking.

So a mixed group go to the big city, some will like it, some will hate it, but baddies and intrigue await.

Code of Steam and Steel

An RPG designed and published by two times Grand Tribunal Special Guest Simon Burley

It's 2020, and you play a healthy person participating in a medical trial. It's a good cause, to test a new way to put astronauts in stasis. All going well, you should wake up in a month, about £4,000 richer plus a gym subscription. What you're not expecting is the world to have changed.

Uncharted Worlds

A SF game that is Powered by the Apocalypse

It is the 23rd century. Humanity has expanded to the stars, exploring, spreading, discovering. Technology has wrought miracles, allowing the return from the death, star travel, cybernetic implants,and more. Unfortunately, with advancing tech, comes advancing legislation. To ensure that people aren't being brought back when they aren't actually dead, proof of death is required. For preference, the return of the latest backup, taken from the neural implant of the deceased. The EAS Explorer went missing 7 years ago. 2 months ago, we picked up her distress call. Now, the intrepid crew of the EAS Hwest are being dispatched to confirm the status of their comrades, recover their memories and discover what happened to the Explorer, and why she never returned home... Can do up to 5 players. Think a Star Trek away team size group.


Paladin is a new rpg using the Pendragon system to tell the story of not King Arthur but Charlemagne.

Paladin Introductory Adventure run by Jonathan Elcock

This is one of the pre-written adventures for Paladin, characters will be young Frankish squires, the game should suit people without experience of the system and characters will be provided.


Tabletop Games

General resources

  • Media:Arm5-template-characters.pdf : Five template characters taken directly from the Ars Magica 5th Edition ruleset. Includes Bjornaer, Bonisagus, Flambeau, Merinita and Tytalus. The Bonisagus template has been tweaked from the ruleset original, in order to act as a healer. One character per 2 sides of A4. The second side is optional and merely includes a detailed summary of what each of the characters' spells do. These are low-level characters, ideal for introductory games or beginner players, or as fall-back pre-generated characters for use in short games, such as at conventions. Compiled and edited by Andrew Oakley for Ars Magica Grand Tribunal UK convention 2012.
Also available is Media:Arm5-template-characters.doc , the editable Microsoft Word document that is the source for the PDF.
  • Media:Arm5-simple-character-sheet.pdf : Pitt Murman's excellent simplified Ars Magica 5th Edition blank character sheet. Compressed down to two sides of A4, this not only saves paper, but is easier to navigate around than the 4-page official character sheets.
  • Media:ArM5-2.5.2-fillable.pdf : Pitt Murman's even more excellent fillable Ars Magica 5th Edition blank character sheet.

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