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We encourage attendees and mailing list members to add their own content to this website.

This website uses the same MediaWiki software as Wikipedia. You can learn how to edit MediaWiki websites over at Wikipedia.

You'll need to create an account, then the system will email you a confirmation link; you'll need to click on that emailed link before you're allowed to edit pages.

Protected pages

There are a few pages which we don't allow everyone to edit. These include the main page and the tickets page. Only administrators such as CJ and AndrewO can edit protected pages. You can view a full list of protected pages and view a full list of administrators.


Ideally you should adhere to the Wikipedia Manual of Style. It's not a big deal but you should not take offence if someone edits your contributions to fit that style.

  • Page titles and headings should use "Sentence case which is one initial capital on the first word and then lowercase" and not "Title Case Which Is Initial Capitals On Every Word". Exceptions include proper nouns (e.g. "Andrew Oakley" not "Andrew oakley").
  • The lead section (introductory paragraph) of a page should not have a title
  • Bulletpoints only need a terminating full-stop if the bulletpoint contains more than one line
  • British English, since this entire website is in a British context, unless mentioning specific foreign phrases

How to upload documents

The lazy way is to simply email the document to Andrew Oakley and ask him to do it for you. Make sure you specify the name of the game/session it applies to.

Valid file types are:  .PDF  .DOC  .DOCX  .TXT  .PNG  .JPG  .GIF  .SVG  . Contact Andrew Oakley if you want to upload other types.

The proper way to upload files yourself is:

  • Log in or create an account
  • Click Upload file, listed under Toolbox on the left of any wiki page, and upload your file
  • That will create something like: File:Test-word2000.doc
  • Go to the page you wish to add the file to, then click Edit at the top-right of that page
  • Link to the file using the Media: tag:
...which will produce:
  • You can make it look a bit tidier:
[[Media:Test-word2000.doc|Download a Word 2000 test document]]
...which will produce:
Download a Word 2000 test document

On a British keyboard, you will usually find | (the pipe symbol, a straight vertical line) as shift-backslash. The backslash key is usually located to the left of the Z key. The square brackets [ ] are usually found to the right of the P key.

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