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Cheltenham Freeforms is primarily organised on Facebook:


Supporting Files

This is an archive of supporting files for Cheltenham Freeforms with newest events at the top. If there's no link, or the link is shown in red, there are currently no documents; check the Facebook page, or feel free to add some files.

Scroll down to find out how to add files.

Cheltenham Freeforms

Cheltenham Freeforms is a small group dedicated to running freeform and non-contact live action roleplaying games in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England. The first game offered was in December 2012.

Although this wiki is mainly for the Grand Tribunal UK Convention, we are hosting supporting files for Cheltenham Freeforms here, since many of the people involved with GTUK are also involved with Cheltenham Freeforms, and the events are usually at the same venue.

The venue is usually:

Baker Street, Cheltenham GL51 9HQ
Google Map

Toilets, including a toilet for the disabled, are available at the venue. The kitchen is usually unlocked for tea and coffee making facilities. The events are usually held on the ground floor, one shallow step access from the street. On-street parking is free. There is a convenience store on the corner of the street, and a large 24-hour Tesco supermarket nearby. Find out more about the venue, facilities and public transport on the Grand Tribunal UK Convention venue page.

Please check the Facebook page for the latest information and remember to "Join" a particular event to receive the latest information on your Facebook news feed.

UK LARP History

CJ has decided to try and collect some material on UK LARP history. That is temporarily homed on the wiki.

The Fires of Dusk

CJ has added a page on a LARP he is running with Fiona Lloyd at a hotel in Pembrokeshire in 2013 called the Fires of Dusk

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