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The Charity Raffle has been part of Grand Tribunal since the very first convention, and has raised over £3,000 for good causes in that time.

We ask delegates to bring something fun along to raffle if they can; a packet of sweets or interesting foodstuffs are always welcome, especially if you come from a foreign (to us) country. Home made crafts, second hand books, bric a brac, gaming products, moose sausages, wonderful chocolate, and even alcohol (we raffle it though we don't drink it on site).

Of course gifting to the raffle is absolutely optional and no one will notice of care if you don't. We'd rather you spent your last few pennies on food for yourself if money is an issues. And in that spirit, that everyone participates even if they have no money, everyone who attends gets one free raffle ticket, and hence most years a prize!

Additional tickets are available for £1, which is currently not very much if you normally work in euros, kroner or dollars.

The raffle procedure is unchanged form previous years - all prizes are laid out, the first person (often CJ) draws a winning ticket from the hat, and if that is your number you get to choose any prize form the table. The lucky winner then draws the next ticket, and so on until all tickets are drawn and all prizes distributed.

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