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Grand Tribunal 2020 Friday August 15th to 16th 2020 COVID-19 Strategy

In line with current local authority guidelines we have prepared this risk assessment to describe the infection prevention and control measures we have adopted for our annual gathering. The decision to proceed was based on less than 30 individuals attending our events regularly, and this year we expect the numbers to be between fifteen and twenty. The law (as of July 2020) restricts meetings of more than 30 persons and we will definitely not have that many. The current rules allow for six persons from different households to gather. We intend to use four areas with 20 people, so no more than five present. We will set out plastic furniture, and use set spaces to reduce risk.


  • limiting numbers - no more than 30 tickets can be sold
  • asking individuals who are unwell to not attend sessions

• making use of external areas for gaming as weather permits

  • using plastic furniture and wipeable tables
  • individual disposable cups for coffee or tea, and paper plates. Individuals to bring their own snacks. No comunal catering or food prep, except fetching hot water from kitchen for drinks
  • high contact surfaces to be sanitised between each session as people move. I will be drawing on best practice guidelines to identify and clean these surfaces with a simple soap based solution as reflects best policy.
  • all tables, furniture, doors, toilets and chairs to be sanitised at end of event and counters wiped down, initially with anti-bacterial wipes, then with soap based products.
  • Ventilation is key to reducing risk of viral spreading. We therefore will have the windows open in all occupied rooms, and doors propped open where possible, but secure the gate to prevent casual walk in theft.
  • Hand sanitiser will be present in each room, and each delegate will be given an individual ten sided dice and a pencil they will not share with others.
  • We have a strict no touching rule as part of our anti-harassment policies and that will be extended to hugs, handshakes or physical contact.
  • Delegates will be required to be no more than six and preferably five to a room, and at all times seated two metres apart
  • There will be no shouting, singing, or other loud vocalisation as this may spread the virus.
  • we will use electronic communications via Twitter and Facebook to alow the convention to reduce contacts.
  • to use outside spaces where possible
  • To adhere to all principles in HMG guidelines published 23rd July and further government advice as issued.
  • To maintain a register of each room and contacts, to allow effective contract tracing, and to hold that data securely in line with GDPR regulations until called upon by health officials to provide it
  • to aid the tracing and maintain process of the NHS
  • to have a plan to arrange immediate tests and treatment and isolation for individuals taken ill during any of events in line with NHS advice.
  • to have a 100% no quibble refund of tickets to anyone who is unwell and therefore barred from participating

Friday night and Sunday night will be restructured this year to remove the pub element and sadly the restaurant meal will now probably be replaced with fish and chips eaten outside etc. There is minimal risk in the town at the moment but that could of course change. I am monitoring numbers very closely and in the event of any changes I will tell you at once.

Thank you for being understanding. CJ x

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