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*18  Wolfgang/Ulrike the Baker
*18  Wolfgang/Ulrike the Baker
*19  Sir Bert the Brave Knight
*19  Sir Bert the Brave Knight
*20  Belinda the Witch
*20  Belinda the Hag
== Notes ==
== Notes ==

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Game Alas, Alas for Hamelin! - Ars Magica Freeform
Storyguide Phil Jenkins
Length 2-3
Players 15-20
Suitability Suitable for new players
Prerequisities None
Pre-rolled characters available? Yes

Choosing a Character

What would you like to play? Choose up to three characters, and email CJ your preferences. Rat costums will be provided, just come in black street clothes if you want to be a rat. All characetrs can be male or female, and gender will be assigned based on the players practiced gender. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO PLAY IN THE FREEFORM just let CJ know now, preferably by email to chrisjensenromer@hotmail.com

You don't have to play, and Lloyd Graney is running Ars Magica in this slot too!

Players & Characters

Our story is set in the town of Hamelin, in Beautiful Saxony, during the High Middle ages. Hamelin has a problem; rats the size of cats! They are driving the good citizens to distraction. But is all as it seems?

  • 1. CJ -----------------Bishop Burkhard of Hamelin
  • 2. Andrew Oakley ------Mayor Siegfried the Stout
  • 3. Rage the Rat
  • 4. Cowardice the Rat
  • 5. Curiosity the Rat
  • 6. Kinship the Rat
  • 7. Prudence the Rat
  • 8. Bojan/Bojana of Tremere, a Magi of the Order of Hermes
  • 9 Lucius/Lucia of Tytalus - an Apprentice Magician who loves challenges
  • 10 Aelwyn/Saskia of House Bonisagus - An Apprentice magician and romantic youth
  • 11. Dietrich/Mathilde the Redcap - Sent to keep an eye on these young apprentices
  • 12. Adler the Bold, Mountaineer
  • 13. Theobald/Theodora the Ox, Very Strong Grog
  • 14 Elric/Gudrun the Cowherd
  • 15 Isaac/Rachel the Money Lender
  • 16 Egon/Ludwina Very Wealthy Burgher
  • 17 Filibert/Romilda the Inn Keeper
  • 18 Wolfgang/Ulrike the Baker
  • 19 Sir Bert the Brave Knight
  • 20 Belinda the Hag



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