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A list of games will appear here over the next few months, and ticket holders will be able to sign up to those games. Games will typically fit into either a 2-hour slot, or a 3-hour slot. The programme page will list the timing of those slots.

You can see a list of Story Guides who will be running those games.

If you are considering running a game, please - fill in this form - thank-you.


Signing Up For Games

Once again I have decided to change the way game signs ups work, because I can forsee a lot of people wanting to play some games. I think the fairest way is for the people who are running at least one game to be allowed to pick a spot in a game of their choice, which I will then assign them to, with the caveat that I will leave at least one spot availble in each for sign ups from non-GMs.

Then I will allow everyone not running games, and GMs again to email me a game to sign up to, from 7pm on Friday 10th Auguest,and will assign those, first come first served.

Beyond that, sign up on the day, as the session starts. Often things change, games get moved around, new games added, etc. We usually just mill around until everyone has a game they are happy with. No one has in 12 twelve years not got to play games at Grand Tribunal, and we usually have more spaces on offer than delegates to fill them. So don't stress if you can't be bothered to sign up in advance...

There is one exception - the Freeforms. It is vital that you sign up for these in advance via the mailing list, and we strongly advise you to play it as it is the first game, the icebreaker and will introduce you to other attendees. We especially recommend you play it if you are new to roleplaying, Ars Magica, games conventions or Grand Tribunal.

The Board Games Room

There will be a good selection of boardgames available in the comfortable Vic Dymock suite for delegates to play. If there is a particular game you would like to try do message CJ and ask him to bring it along. I will ensure that every Atlas Games boardgame I own (most of them) is present, and I will probably bring along my Cthulhu Wars (Petersen Games) set as well just because I like to see it get some usage _ i only get to play it once otr twice a week.

List of Games

The following offers information on the games being run in 2018. The list is still partial, and they have not yet been moved to the Programme and assigned individual slots.

Ars Magica

A Magus or two and thier companions are heading out from their Levantine Covenant to investigate the ruins of an ancient city. Architecture and magical stuff is what they seek but they may also find other things. 4-6 players

Sequel to the Hazel Grove & Nimue's Sleepers, though it is not necessary to have played either game. The covenfolk of The Hazel Grove are asked to investigate sightings and sounds at the quarry which are delaying work, to the chagrin of the abbey and amusement of Sir Phillip. Up to 6 players.

  • A Covenant Awoken Towards the end of the Schism War a Diedne covenant sealed itself away from the world. Now two centuries later the protective magics have failed and the covenant is restored to a world that has changed...

The year is 1228 and the Order of Hermes have gathered for the Grand Tribunal meeting that occurs at Durenma in the Black Forest every 33 years. A group of teenage apprentices have been brough along by their masters and mistresses; unable to attend the sittings of the Council who are deciding weighty matters, they have the opportunity to explore this ancient covenant and the surrounding forests. Will they stumble upon a mystery? Will their new magic prove strong enough? And can they get over their past meetings and prejudices,and work together if needed? An adventure for 5 apprentices and one magical cat.

How demons got a foothold in Tytalus and Bonisagus in 930AD, and why deals with demons became explicitly forbidden. 2-6 players.


  • Starfall: lost SciFi explorers on a "fantasy world". A game for 5 players.

Call of Cthulhu

Cecil Sharp has dedicated his life to preserving the history of English folk music, travelling the land and documenting every song he could find. Facing imminent death, Sharp's only regret is failing to track down a fabled song known as The Drawing of the Sap, shrouded in strange legends. Maybe a small group of investigators can succeed where Sharp has failed. And somewhere in the woods of rural Oxfordshire, echoes of a haunting refrain may be heard, hinting at ancient secrets that defy death itself.

You are cordially invited to the party to end all parties. The acclaimed inventor, Cicero Mordaunt, is hosting an exclusive New Year's Eve party at his family estate in Vermont. This is no ordinary celebration, however. Mordaunt is also unveiling his latest creation, an invention that he claims will change the world. This will be a night to remember, assuming anyone survives to do so!

Innsworth is a small English town just a few miles from the tidal waters of the Severn Estuary. Yet those miles can prove quiet a barrier when you are a party of Deep Ones sent by dream commands of Great Cthulhu to bring one of your own, the young man Daniel Marsh, home to the city under the sea. Dan is just experiencing the change, and he may need explanations as to what is going on, and convincing to join you. Play a group of five Deep Ones (to say nothing of the shoggoth!) tasked with discretely rescuing the lad. What could possibly go wrong?

1827; the Season is at its height and the six Blenkinsop daughters have left their remote Norfolk rectory to take the waters in fashionable Cheltenham Spa. With Papa in India, and mama indisposed it has all become Utterly Horrid. Sister Georgina has to begun to act very oddly, and the Blenkinsop girls must use all their gentle good breeding and find a way to avert a terrible scandal. Designed to be played straight faced, this is a (very) black comedy of manners inspired by Jane Austen and the Brontes.

Code of the Spacelanes & Code of Warriors & Wizardry

It is the year 2064. World Space Patrol ship Fireball XL5 has received an urgent message from Space City. Patrol ship XL14 - responsible for patrolling sector 24 - has been lost with all hands. Before being destroyed, the crew were able to send one last Neutroni radio message. The planet Plytus has been obliterated by a fleet of Granitoid Warships. Granitoids are a race of virtually invincible robots. Their only weakness, the rare mineral, plyton, was only found on the planet Plytus. With that gone there is nothing to stop them wreaking havoc across the Milky Way. And now they’re on their way to Earth. Your mission is to do anything you can to slow delay their invasion fleet to allow the World Space Patrol to call in the other Fireball craft from their assigned sectors to defend Earth!

  • Babylon Recall - A Blakes Seven adventure An "adventure that never was", based on the classic British TV Space Opera. The freedom fighting crew of the powerful, enigmatic, alien spaceship "Liberator" soon won't be the only ones with access to the unbelievable technology of an ancient race. The idea of Ancient Martians has always been something of an urban legend. Now - it seems - all the stories may have been true. "Something" has been unearthed on Mars. A secret so powerful it threatens to tear The Federation apart with infighting, with the victor gaining the ability to grind the galaxy under their heel. (Probably the spiked, white, leather heel of Supreme Commander Servelan.)

What's needed is a brave, mad (suicidal) dash into Earth system - with its defence systems and fleets of Federation pursuit ships - to seize or destroy the enigmatic discovery from under the noses of the various Federation factions before it can foment a conflict that would envelop and kill millions of innocents.

Seven against the Federation. What else is new?

  • Chariot of the Gods : The Code of Warriors and Wizardry A sprawling fantasy saga in just one single session. Starting in an impossible situation with their backs against the wall your brave and cunning adventurers will claw their way to victory using just their wits, courage and willingness to spit into the winds of Fate. There'll be epic battles, struggles for survival, political wranglings, ancient magicks, evil villains, monsters and madness. I can't reveal any more details of the scenario without giving away the plot. You'll just have to trust me. I've run this adventure before and it's EPIC.


  • The Peculiar History of Scratching Fanny of Cock Lane, being a Magickal Entertainment explaining the origins of the well known haunting that hath enriched the sellers of broadsheets throughout London-town. In our humble performance, for 5 personages learned in the Occult arts, you will see revealed the deep mysteries that underlie that notorious haunt that lie back in the Elizabethan era, and play them out by the ruleset known as Magnomia. A most excellent diversion for ladies and gentlemen...

Unknown Armies

Once they were cosplayers, acquaintances more than friends. About 18 months ago they were doing a cheesy Buffy the Vampire cosplay as an ironic joke at a cosplay event. Something happened. Now they are obsessed by cos playing Buffy, and only Buffy. "Giles" believes (from doing a divination ritual) that if they can get to an International Buffy the Vampire slayer convention, happening in June 2018 on Honolulu they can find answers to what happened. But anyway it would be great to be there, Joss Whedon is a special guest and he has an exciting announcement for all fans of the show.

A warm summer evening in middle England. Four old friends gather for a barbecue and drinks. Secrets will be uncovered. Betrayals will be laid bare. Innocent people will die. And the lamp posts will come into bloom.

It was supposed to be a simple deal: in, out and sell the goods. Sure, it wasn’t exactly legal or risk-free, but it wasn’t supposed to get you killed. The world is now a much more confusing and frightening place. Your memories of the last few days are a mess. There is something really urgent you need to do, but no one seems to know exactly what it is. You’re not sure if you can trust your friends: some of them may be planning to kill you. Hell, for all you know, one of them already has. And your problems are only just beginning.

The Freeforms

  • Coombe Hill This years freeform by Andrew Oakley. It is in a sense a sequel to Mop Fair which ran in 2014 and is Ars Magica based. A freeform is a game played walking about the venue, in costume (ask if you want to borrow something, and don't feel you have to dress up if impossible for travel reasons!) It's a sort of non-combat larp, and I think most people enjoy it even if this is REALLY NOT your thing. It is assumed everyone will play, but if you aren't, just drop CJ a line to let me know on []

Tabletop Games

General resources

  • Media:Arm5-template-characters.pdf : Five template characters taken directly from the Ars Magica 5th Edition ruleset. Includes Bjornaer, Bonisagus, Flambeau, Merinita and Tytalus. The Bonisagus template has been tweaked from the ruleset original, in order to act as a healer. One character per 2 sides of A4. The second side is optional and merely includes a detailed summary of what each of the characters' spells do. These are low-level characters, ideal for introductory games or beginner players, or as fall-back pre-generated characters for use in short games, such as at conventions. Compiled and edited by Andrew Oakley for Ars Magica Grand Tribunal UK convention 2012.
Also available is Media:Arm5-template-characters.doc , the editable Microsoft Word document that is the source for the PDF.
  • Media:Arm5-simple-character-sheet.pdf : Pitt Murman's excellent simplified Ars Magica 5th Edition blank character sheet. Compressed down to two sides of A4, this not only saves paper, but is easier to navigate around than the 4-page official character sheets.
  • Media:ArM5-2.5.2-fillable.pdf : Pitt Murman's even more excellent fillable Ars Magica 5th Edition blank character sheet.

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