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Angela Taylor's beautiful art for Grand Tribunal 2008

Grand Tribunal is the European convention for Atlas Games' Ars Magica role-playing game. GT Header.png

Our 2016 convention took place from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th August 2016 in Cheltenham, UK.

In French: Page Principale / In German: Das Grand Tribunal / In Spanish Grand Tribunal

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This is a wiki-based website; we encourage attendees to add your own content - find out how.


  • Dates announced - Fri 5 to Sun 7 August 2016, Cheltenham, UK

Practical information

  • Tickets - how much it costs (quick answer: very cheap) and what's included
  • Venue - directions, maps, facilities, accommodation, transport and disabled access
  • Programme - session times, early arrival meet & greet, restaurant and pub times
  • Games - the individual games being run, who is running them, and how to sign up to play
  • People - staff, attendees - introduce yourself
  • Ethos - policies, guidelines, collections of thoughts
  • Charity Raffle- the famous raffle and prizes you can win
  • Retail - while we don't have a retailer present this year you can advance order for deliver to the convention

Keep in touch

  • Grand Tribunal Yahoo Group is our email list where we do most of the organising, and where you can talk directly to the organisers and attendees
  • Hashtag #gt16uk on Twitter is especially useful for minute-by-minute updates during the event itself
  • Find us on Facebook, like us and spread the word
  • Mobile devices such as smartphones should automatically see the mobile version of this website/wiki, but you can find out how to control which version you see

Archives and colleagues

Thanks to Pitt Murman for hosting the Grand Tribunal wiki from 2007-2012 and for retaining the archives from 2010-2012. Partial archives from 2007-2009 are on the Wayback archive.

Further credits

  • Thanks to Atlas Games for the Ars Magica game and letting us use their intellectual property
  • Thanks to Gas Green Community Centre for allowing us to use their venue
  • Thanks to Karl Trygve Kalleberg for use of the domain name.

Cheltenham Freeforms

This wiki is also host to Cheltenham Freeforms, a non-contact live-action roleplaying group who frequently use Gas Green as their venue. Many of the people who participate in Cheltenham Freeforms also participate in Grand Tribunal UK.

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