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Angela Taylor's beautiful art for Grand Tribunal 2008

This is an archive of the wiki for the 2015 Grand Tribunal convention. Click here for the current site.

Grand Tribunal is the European convention for Atlas Games' Ars Magica role-playing game.

In French: Page Principale / In German: Das Grand Tribunal / In Spanish Grand Tribunal

The 2015 convention took place Friday 14th to Sunday 16th August 2015 in Cheltenham, UK.

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This is a wiki-based website; we encourage attendees to add your own content - find out how.


  • Dates announced - Fri 14 to Sun 16 August 2015, Cheltenham, UK

Practical information

  • Tickets - how much it costs (quick answer: very cheap) and what's included
  • Venue - directions, maps, facilities, accommodation, transport and disabled access
  • Programme - session times, early arrival meet & greet, restaurant and pub times
  • Games - the individual games being run, who is running them, and how to sign up to play
  • People - staff, attendees - introduce yourself
  • Ethos - policies, guidelines, collections of thoughts

Keep in touch

  • Grand Tribunal Yahoo Group is our email list where we do most of the organising, and where you can talk directly to the organisers and attendees
  • Hashtag #gt15uk on Twitter is especially useful for minute-by-minute updates during the event itself
  • Find us on Facebook, like us and spread the word
  • Mobile devices such as smartphones should automatically see the mobile version of this website/wiki, but you can find out how to control which version you see

Archives and colleagues

Thanks to Pitt Murman for hosting the Grand Tribunal wiki from 2007-2012 and for retaining the archives from 2010-2012. Partial archives from 2007-2009 are on the Wayback archive.

Our sister event in the USA:

Further credits

  • Thanks to Atlas Games for the Ars Magica game and letting us use their intellectual property
  • Thanks to Gas Green Community Centre for allowing us to use their venue
  • Thanks to Karl Trygve Kalleberg for use of the domain name.

Cheltenham Freeforms

This wiki is also host to Cheltenham Freeforms, a non-contact live-action roleplaying group who frequently use Gas Green as their venue. Many of the people who participate in Cheltenham Freeforms also participate in Grand Tribunal UK.

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