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A list of games will appear here over the next few months, and ticket holders will be able to sign up to those games. Games will typically fit into either a 2-hour slot, or a 3-hour slot. The programme page will list the timing of those slots.

Right now you can see a list of Story Guides who will be running those games.

If you are considering running a game, please fill in this form - thank-you.


Signing Up For Games

We know some people really want to play in some games, so we are allowing some advance sign ups. 1 or 2 spaces in each game (2 for games with more than 5 players) will be reserved for sign ups on the weekend for people who did not get round to signing up before or who missed out in the pre-booking.

Here is how sign-up works

  • Everyone who is running a game gets to reserve a space in one game of their choice first. It's only fair. Just email the mailing list to state what game to list you for. It's one sign up regardless of the number of games you are running. Please try to do this by Wednesday 30 July. Done!
  • Then on Friday 1st August at 5pm BST, sign ups are open. At 5pm the organisers will email the mailing list, and you can email up to three choices to the list, first come first served, and we will book you in for those games if there are spaces. Underway!
  • Please email the official signup thread on the list, please don't add yourself to the wiki pages. We need to keep track of this.
  • Remaining spaces will be allocated on the day. :)
  • Oversubscribed games from Saturday may be re-run on Sunday, depending on availability

List of Games

The Freeform

The freeform is traditionally the first game played on Saturday morning, and involves almost everyone. There is no need to book a place in this game but please do fill in the freeform survey.

  • Mop Fair by Andrew Oakley - 1360, a decade after the worst of the black death, peasants and employers gather in Tewkesbury for job negotiations. But as the day progresses, it seems like the labour shortage is the least of their worries.

Ars Magica Games

Atlas Games RPGs other than Ars Magica being run

theFeng Shui RPG logo
Over The Edge RPG logo
  • Worst. Episode. Evah. - A Geek convention bringing together gamers, SF fans, cult TV, comic books and LARPERS explodes in to chaos as adepts desperate for their magical fix risk rousing the hidden tiger. Unknown Armies rpg from CJ
Unknown Armies RPG logo
  • Valhalla, I am coming! - hack n slash Viking madness with Rune rpg. CJ is the organiser, other welcome to create encounters and run them too!
Rune RPG logo

Reserve Games

These games will only be run if there is high demand. They are mostly repeats of games from previous conventions, although not necessarily Grand Tribunal.

General resources

  • Media:Arm5-template-characters.pdf : Five template characters taken directly from the Ars Magica 5th Edition ruleset. Includes Bjornaer, Bonisagus, Flambeau, Merinita and Tytalus. The Bonisagus template has been tweaked from the ruleset original, in order to act as a healer. One character per 2 sides of A4. The second side is optional and merely includes a detailed summary of what each of the characters' spells do. These are low-level characters, ideal for introductory games or beginner players, or as fall-back pre-generated characters for use in short games, such as at conventions. Compiled and edited by Andrew Oakley for Ars Magica Grand Tribunal UK convention 2012.
Also available is Media:Arm5-template-characters.doc , the editable Microsoft Word document that is the source for the PDF.
  • Media:Arm5-simple-character-sheet.pdf : Pitt Murman's excellent simplified Ars Magica 5th Edition blank character sheet. Compressed down to two sides of A4, this not only saves paper, but is easier to navigate around than the 4-page official character sheets.

How to add downloadable files to a page

The lazy way is to simply email the document to Andrew Oakley and ask him to do it for you.

Click [Expand] above to learn how to do it the proper way.

Valid file types are:  .PDF  .DOC  .DOCX  .TXT  .PNG  .JPG  .GIF  .SVG  . Contact Andrew Oakley if you want to upload other types.

  • Go to the page you wish to add the file to, then click Edit at the top-right of that page
  • Link to the file using the Media: tag:
...which will produce:

  • You can make it look a bit tidier:
[[Media:Test-word2000.doc|Download a Word 2000 test document]]
...which will produce:
Download a Word 2000 test document

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